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Knights of Valour is an obvious free to play game, featuring characters from the well-known Three Kingdoms period. Check this review out to see the details.

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700d ago
Majin-vegeta700d ago

Why have I never heard of this game?Big fan of Dynasty games do it's right up my there a western release date?

biomarvel700d ago

Not sure to be honest. Why not just create an EU account and download it. its a F2P after all :D

Rangerman1208699d ago

It's F2P on Europe so you can just create an Europe account and play it with no cost. Although this also happened with Spelunky Z, which was released first in Japan, then in Europe, and finally in US. So I doubt they will be ruling out the US release just yet.

MilkMan700d ago

Reminds me of Power Stone.
But free-to-play = I don't touch it.

Einhander1971699d ago

I have the original Knights of Valour series on my arcade cab, released in 1999 by IGS. Beautiful Sprite scrolling beat em ups. Check them out on YouTube, probably still better than this update.

699d ago
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