IGN: Expounding on the Halo 3 Expansion

As is their custom, the developers at Bungie set the Net ablaze with rumor and speculation today when they unveiled a teaser trailer for the company's newest project: an expansion to the Halo 3 campaign.

Dubbed "Keep it Clean," the trailer appears to show an eerily quiet New Mombasa on Earth, just before the Prophet of Regret's ship hightails it through the slipspace portal near the end of Halo 2. The resulting explosion is captured by a network of security cameras, possibly controlled by "The Superintendent," an urban infrastructure artificial intelligence.

It would (and frequently does) take an army of Halo fans to decode everything Bungie says and does, and IGN will let the fanatics at Halopedia and tear the trailer apart.

So the IGN Xbox team, along with honorary member and Insider editor David Clayman, gathered around the vodka cooler to debate the trailer's portent. Is Halo 3 getting a squad-based parallel campaign? Will Master Chief be involved? Are gamers truly heading back to the events of Halo 2, or is this trailer just giving them some context for the real campaign to come? How will this new content affect multiplayer, if at all?

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