What I Hate About Star Wars

Jimm the Greek writes "With the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I feel the need to stand on the soapbox provided for me by Grundy the Man and rant aimlessly about the shortcomings of a franchise that has seen me from an itch in my father's pants to a malicious 20 something year old. Granted my soapbox is more like the kind a bar of Lever 2000 comes in and my audience is well, you..."

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bgrundman3680d ago

As far as I am concerned, if the content is good, who cares?

JimmyJames703680d ago

Spoken like a corporate junkie...

kombo-bgrundman3680d ago

Hate it when people get down on blogs because they don't own a domain

blue_tenshi553679d ago

Alright, who really gives a rat's ass about it being a blog? If the content and writing is good, where it's posted shouldn't really matter. Maybe JimmytheGreek has a job and a family that doesn't allow him the time to host a website. Better putting it on a blog then the half-assed gaming websites I have seen out there. Many of the people who write for gaming sites also have their own blogs, some using blogger/blogspot anyway. Cry me a river, crap me a bridge, and get over it. I certainly hope that N4G isn't thinking about banning blog submissions. I think they'd be missing some really good content.

bgrundman3679d ago

I totally agree. Thanks for the vote of confidence.