Take Two Stocks Rise Slightly, EA Stock Falls Further

That Gaming Site writes: "Take Two stocks rose slightly today after falling since last weeks announcement regarding the end of the Take 2/EA bid (first time it rose after last weeks announcement). At the same time EA stocks fell further closing it $39.23 a piece, down $0.23. Take Two's stocks rose to $16.22, up $0.02 from yesterday."

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TrevorPhillips3555d ago

EA are the richest game company even if there money goes down they will always find a way to get back up

Elven63555d ago

Their not the richest game company, their are richer ones out their.

TheColbertinator3555d ago


EA is the second richest at 15 billion.The first is Activision Blizzard at 18 billion.

Elven63555d ago

After this Take 2/EA thing I agree!

El_Colombiano3555d ago

Blizzard FTFW...Activision...ah you had COD4, I'll give you that.

Elven63555d ago

I'm worried about Activision, it seems like they will milk their franchises to the ground.

pcgia3555d ago

True enough, But I still always love playing em ;)

Elven63555d ago

For now yea me too :)