EA bundles up $150 Dead Space, $130 Mirror\'s Edge LEs

Limited editions are quickly becoming a standard feature for most top-tier game releases. So how is EA going to differentiate the special editions of Dead Space and Mirror's Edge from the glut of other limited releases hitting retail shelves in the coming months? By making one Ultra Limited and packing the other with enticing swag, of course.

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theusedfake3680d ago

i really want dead space's LES, but that's
an extra game and a half and there's just
too many good games coming out around that
time. :(

Excalibur3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Rolls eyes.
These "So-called" Collector Editions are getting waaaaay out of hand.

The only thing interesting (IMO) for Dead Space is the Movie and Graphic novel. Both can probably be gotten for around 10 bucks each.

The Mirror's Edge tote bag is a joke.
So your charging $70.00 more for a tote bag? PUH-lease.

As mentioned before there are waaay too many game coming out from now to the end of the year to worry about EA's silliness

dachiefsman3679d ago

i lol'd.


who buys these?