5 fresh faces drop in to Xbox One backwards compatibility – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "I reckon it’s safe to say that no Xbox 360 title arriving on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility now will be quite as anticipated as that of last week’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but that doesn’t mean there aren't still hundreds of cracking titles that we’d like to see make their way onto the scheme. The latest batch of arrivals brings five new games across to Xbox One, none of which have really been at the top of the wish list for many players. But are there a few gems in there you should be returning to?"

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oKidUKo601d ago

3D mini golf was good but I was never very skillfull at it, maybe I will jump back to it.

Bigpappy600d ago (Edited 600d ago )

I was actually quite good at it. played online against my nieces and nephews. Beat the crap out of them. The father came to the rescue and I slayed him too. I learned the physics, and got quite good at banking shots. I actually had a lot of arcade games and I am happy to have them back.

601d ago