Star Wars Battlefront 2 Devs Address Fears of "Tacked-On" Campaign

Star Wars Battlefront II developers have quelled fears of a tacked-on campaign and told PlayStation LifeStyle in an interview that EA brought forward its best talent to work on the game.

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Einhander1971601d ago

That's good to know all I'm interested in is the single player experience:)

Mithan601d ago

That is a legit fear, but personally, I don't want a campaign. I would prefer they focus 100% on multiplayer for Battlefront and then release a new FPS in a complete single player game. Re-use the assets, just make it a good 15-20 hour experience (like Doom was last year) instead of a little half and half. Don't get me wrong, BF1 single player is good, but its kind of useless.

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