Windows 7 Arriving Early, Microsoft to Show Off New OS Next Month

As the rumors predicted, Microsoft is indeed planning to debut Windows 7 ahead of schedule. The company will take the wraps off Windows 7 on October 28, when Senior Vice President of Windows Steven Sinofsky will show off the next-generation OS during a keynote at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles.

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DarkSniper3583d ago

A new windows already? This is what happens when Microsoft launches another failure, another "upgrade" that consumers must pay several hundred dollars to use.

The cost of Windows is more than an Xbox 360. Which goes to show that Microsoft has employed some of the most incompetent technical staff ever known. Expect the next Xbox platform to be announced at Tokyo Game Show. Desperate times call for desperate measures and clearly, Microsoft has reach that point of no return.


geda3583d ago

point of no return? microsoft? whatever you say... :D

crazy250003583d ago

i guess its the fix to vista...