Halo 3: One Year Later

After 365 days, does this Xbox shooter still have play?

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---------Nona-------3557d ago

COD4 took halo 3 to school and back,aaaaaaaaaand it was a multi-platform game.

---------Nona-------3557d ago

Resistance 2 will do the same to halo 3,no expansion pack can save it from its own mediocrity.

Shadow Man3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

res2 a 12hr game on a 50GB DISC. Gears of War 2 a 15hr game on DVD9.

Freezingduck3557d ago

I don't think you should compare the length of plays because CoD4 is the shortest but is also the greatest console fps I have played

ape0073557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

after 5 minutes in,I knew that it's the most overhyped game ever

halo 1 was awesome,9.6 in my book

after all the hype,I thought it well make halo 1 a joke,but it sucked in comparison,online multiplayer is the only saving grace in halo3

halo 1 co-op never gets old,the awesome levels and battles in halo 1,I'll never forget them,every single level in halo1 is amazing

halo 3 has trash single player campaign,bad level design,stupid team AI,poorly done set pieces,the weapons themselves seem cold,dead and you feel like spraying water not firing real bullits

I hope halo 4 be as good as halo 1

Cajun Chicken3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

How I loved Halo1 co-op back on the XBOX. Assault on the Control Room? HELL YES!
Halo actually felt like you were exploring and I don't think we'll ever have a FPS with such unexpected twists throughout the story, genius, pure genius. The second game, not so. Notice the quality of the actual campaigns in the games decreased as the multiplayer section was worked on more.
I have high hopes for this reported single player expansion pack because of the different perspective and less focus of packing in the multiplayer section in the game too.

consolewar3557d ago

"the weapons themselves seem cold,dead" wtf? lol. Gotta love the haters

Bombomb3556d ago

I decided this is all I'll write after that quote from ape.

rogimusprime3556d ago

Assault on the control room was the $hit. "I would have been your daddy"
hahaha. I played it over and over again.

Halo 3 felt a bit rushed. Like I was playing it just to end it. We wont even talk about halo 2. Don't get me wrong, there's no game I've spent more time playing online than Halo2, but Halo 1 was the best overall experience. I remember being in the dorms and we had 8 player battles with 2 xboxs....nerdy yes, but fun and free.

I loved halo 3, but put it down after jumping into COD4 and haven't looked back since. Hopefully this new update gives me a reason to pick it back up again....maybe they added a run button?

The Makr3556d ago

Halo's proof is in the numbers. Games sold. Online play numbers. Critical reviews. Obviously LOTS of people are still enjoying it. Sorry if that somehow irks you.

season0073556d ago

but numbers can't be proof of quality

McDonald's burger can't be the best burger in the world, can it?

otherZinc3556d ago

is the best & most complete game ever.

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BIoodmask3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

was and still is fantastic. The weapons are the most balanced out of all the games in the series. The plasma weapons have better accuracy. The plasma pistol energy drains if you keep it charged and the sword has energy. Those were two big problems with part 2.

Not to mention the equipment and forge feature both add diversity and a lot more fun to the multiplayer aspects.

Halo 3 will still be played online years from now by millions of players. Most online CONSOLE games don't carry that much weight.

Not to mention that Bungie has implemented a fantastic party system that is a joy to play. And they are always adding new maps features, balancing, and playlists via downloadable content. If the amount of people playing Halo 3 on XBox live is any form of accurate measurement...I would say that one year later Halo 3 is doing better than ever.

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TheColbertinator3557d ago


I think you made a new friend^^lol

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cheapndirty3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Out of the 47 360 games I have halo 3 still gets played the most. I do miss the pistol from Halo 1. But, that made the game very unbalanced (nothing like owning noobs on Xbox connect with the pistol).

Halo 3 has the best vehicle physics out of any game I have ever played. All of Halo 3 vehicles (land and air) steer flawlessly in every direction. Unlike Bad Company or Frontlines. I really liked those two but the bad steering killed it for me.

The controls are very tight and are still one of my favorites. My question to you Halo 3 haters is, if the game is so overrated and lame why did MLG pick it up for their tournaments? I guess Walshy has a low IQ? Maybe you should let him know that.

Maybe the game is not your style. It is a good game. I have no regrets.

One thing, if every game had built in match making ( finding/hosting a room is so 90's)more of my other games would get played more.

Guys when you swear and offensively express yourself it makes you look like your vocabulary is very very limited. Have an opinion but be respectful.

Philip J Fry3556d ago

with TRNY. With my low IQ I am not able to make a decision for myself and only purchase hype machine produced games. I cannot decide for myself to continue playing Halo 3 because I think it is fun to play with my friends online. I cannot decide for myself if I think the game is great or just average.

I understand that people have their own opinions, but when your opinion is to lump all people together that have played Halo 3 and say they have a low IQ or cannot have their own opinion is absurd.

Also most of the games made today are below average, making average, good.

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