LittleBigPlanet Play Time Trailer

GameTrailers writes:

"Pirates and ninjas team up to conquer the world and have some fun while they're at it."

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Mc1873558d ago

More than a fresh chocolate chip cookie?

machete squad steve3558d ago

the greatest platformers of all time!

chaosatom3558d ago

DID anyone see the dragon at the end?

just wow.

DrakenSilverwing3558d ago

Everyone i know that has a PS3 and many that don't but soon might sooo want this game.. I can't wait for it myself!! i'm goin to be sooo broke by then end of Oct.! The more i see the more i want it.. and then i still havn't seen one actual(honest) bad thing said about this game yet even with so many ppl in Betas.. its goin to be huge!!!

Playing Beyond with 58 PS3 games!(profile)

Soon to be Playing WAY Beyond with LBP!!!!!!

TrevorH3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

This game hopefully will bring a new wave of innovation in the years to come. If you dont agree just view the other videos that have been posted.

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