See GTA IV with 8-bit graphics...

Tyler Nagata of GamesRadar writes:

"...the good folks at The Independent Gaming Source have turned the idea of remaking classic titles on its head with their recent Bootleg Demake competition. Instead of making old games look new, competitors were tasked with creating unofficial remakes of newer games with retro twists, which made them look like they were developed for older hardware."

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ape0073736d ago

I wanna see gta 5 in 50 gb duel layered blu-ray disk

NMC20073735d ago

Well let's hope that happens, I would love to see GTA somehow become a better game and if it takes a Blu Ray disc to make that so then so be it.

I don't care about GTA ya see, I just wanna see it become a better game, kinda like seeing the neighbor's kid become a manager of a gas station instead of a manager of a Game Stop, ya know? lol.

But yeah, I would totally play Soundless Mountain 2.

JustinSaneV23735d ago

As awesome as it would be it unfortunately isn't going to happen. There's too much money to be made by going multi-platform...

gg DVD9...

theusedfake3736d ago

haha, soundless mountain II

that's the best one IMO

AlienGorilla3735d ago

Looks Like the Xbox 360 Version........


I can't wait.