Q*Bert Leads to Real Life Violence

A British man climbed to the top of the pyramid and demanded that the entire pyramid be painted red or he would jump on everyone trying to remove him. Sadly he tripped and fell to his death before he could be removed and treated for his mania.

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RKRigney3434d ago

Never played Q*bert... what system was that for?

thePatriot3433d ago

they shoud try releasing some snakes at the bottom. (and hope some kid doesnt throw a green ball at him)

UnSelf3433d ago

this betta not be real smh lmao

RKRigney3434d ago

That'd be a pretty hilarious way to cash out

Stoneroses63003434d ago

yeah not as bad as getting run over by a barrel.

OldWizard3434d ago

good question what are the worst video game related deaths?

hombrehambre3433d ago

Mario stomps turtles and breaks their shells right off their bodies, then kicking the shell at their families. That would have to suck.

Stoneroses63003433d ago

bottomless pit...hands down worst death.

Son of Odin3433d ago

getting killed by a turtle shell would suck man.

Stoneroses63003433d ago

how about squished by a thomp?

OldWizard3433d ago

i think some of the mortal kombat fatatlies would suck the most.

Stoneroses63003433d ago

ouf...yeah mortal kombat...forgot about that one...

OldWizard3433d ago

who's fatality would hurt the most in real life?

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Stoneroses63003434d ago

you've honestly never played Q*bert before?

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The story is too old to be commented.