Young man killed, death being linked to Advance Wars

Matthew Pyke, a 20 year-old Advance Wars fanatic, was found dead on Friday. Pyke ran an Advance Wars website under the alias of "Shade." Police have been investigating the incident and have began to surmise that there is a possibility that another person Pyke had come into contact with through Advance Wars - or other video games - may have attacked him...

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timmyrulz3581d ago

I have just heard this on the news, apparently some German guy flew over to Englans to attack him over this game and killed him, he then went back to germany and put a message on a forum apologising!

r3xmund13581d ago

I submitted this story it goes further into it...

Apparently the suspect is a fellow AW player...


user8586213581d ago

Now hold on just 1 minute!!! advance wars???

Draperc3581d ago

I have now lost all faith in the human race. *facepalm*

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