FIFA 09 - OMX-UK review (scans)

Luso FIFA has for you scans of the FIFA 09 review by Official Xbox Magazine-UK.

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sandip7873434d ago

ive always been a PES man, but FIFA has been improving drastically for 2 years now. its gonna be a tough choice this year!

ad4mb3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

i cant wait for this... 10vs10 online should be great after a few weeks when people realize playing it like its a kick the ball and 20 guys chase the ball game just is not fun. actually.....

bomboclaat_gamer3434d ago

ima get both. i love me some footy

funkysolo3434d ago

I bought fifa 06 and after I played the demo I might get back into some futbol. I was really impress how good it looks

Meus Renaissance3434d ago

FIFA09 demo is addictive. Love it. You will get more value for money and quality in this game rather than PES2009 which is a patched version of PES2008 to be honest. And this comes from someone who owned PES2008 and not FIFA08

Baka-akaB3434d ago

Well its the truth that PES09 is a patched pes 08 ... with yet again the promise of a much fabled new engine next time ..

However the important thing is that PES remains the one with the best core gameplay here .

FIFA improved by many leap in 08 .. but in 09 a lot of those are mostly graphics related , options and presentation . Basically the core gemplay still isnt great enough , despite improvements that might deserve praises .

Harry1903434d ago

Are you too stuck in the past to realize that Fifa is basically everything that PES next gen should be? It plays like PES now. It's a complete evolution and the depth in the game is quite incredible. Have you even tried playing Fifa 08 after playing the 09 demo? It feels completely obsolete.
I'm sure you haven't eve tried the new on the fly tactics system and team mentality modifier.

As for your constant problem with 'core gameplay' which you seem to bring in every PES and Fifa news posted on N4G, I call pure BS,a big pile of BS. What is different? Don't they have dribbles? Through pass? 1-2? What do you want them to change? Maybe they should play with their arms instead of their feet if that's what you mean. Quit dreaming, there has been a change,and now Fifa is on top in both the gameplay and technical department.

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