Cliff Bleszinski Says AAA Games Are In "Weird Spot", While VR Is In Its "80s" Period

CliffyB said AAA games are "nearly unsustainable" and advocated AA games instead. He also noted that VR games still have a long way to go, being stuck in an "80s" kind of wave-based shooter design trend.

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AspiringProGenji400d ago

No one cares about what you say, Cliff

Nu399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

He needs to create a Gears of War Clone that is mutiplatform asap.
He looks like he's been eating *puss*

opinionated399d ago

That made me laugh. Puss like the liquid or like vagina? Lol.

mikeslemonade399d ago

Cause idiots still playing mobile.

Fishy Fingers399d ago

Says the guy who rushed to comment while the article was still pending... :/

399d ago
Trilithon399d ago

we dont have to respect him as a person, but he has been succesful in this industry for a reason (making money off of other peoples blood sweat and tears) anyway way to early for VR games can hardly push decent frame rates out of one camera at a good resolution how they supposed to do it out of two cameras..

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Phil32400d ago

I agree with his comments on both subjects, especially AAA being unsustainable when one poor performing game that takes three years to make can wipe out a studio.

Alexious400d ago

True, but independent developers should group up to make these "AA" games to challenge AAA. Otherwise, indie games are usually too rough to get mainstream success.

frostypants399d ago

We'll see more of that. A lot of big studios are victims of their own corporate bloat and overhead.

yeahokwhatever399d ago

Indies need to keep their focus tight, and refined. Like Rocket League or Disc Jam. Both extremely well-made games. The larger scoped games *cough* NMS *cough* should be left to larger studios with more resources, or spend a lot more time in the oven before release.

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freshslicepizza399d ago

i agree about the aaa market. it really is a mess. i dont think vr is in its 80s period because after trying it (vive) the technology is there. its just that the games aren't. in the 80's we had mario games so we already had great games back then on the hardwares capabilities. the software for vr isn't there yet but the technology is. the reason is simple, cost/reward. until the userbase is large enough dont expect a huge commitment to it.

Paytaa400d ago

It's going to be even weirder where AAA gaming will be in 10 years. Definitely agree with Cliffy on both statements.

AAA gaming has just gotten way too expensive, especially in the marketing department. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Destiny's marketing budget higher than the actual development? A game like that could have just sold on "Creators of Halo with the publisher behind CoD" with no need for fancy live-action shorts with Led Zepplin that have nothing to do with the game.

VR I agree is in it's "80s period" since it's still in it's infancy and has quite a ways to go before it gets flooded into the mainstream. I doubt it will ever replace traditional gaming though, even in 20 years. Just way too many things going on versus just a controller and a tv. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, I don't know.

KaiPow400d ago

VR needs a lot of work to be anything like The Lawnmower Man, but the biggest hurdle is with the player themselves. Until developers can come up with a way to create movement and motion without the player feeling disconnected and sick (or players' brains evolve) we're going to be stuck with stationary experiences or games that teleport the player from point to point. RIGS and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood were both great concepts for the infancy of PSVR but I wonder how long it will be before we get some truly great FPS titles on the platform.

Trilithon399d ago

its best use right now is racing games like forza/tourismo etc IF you have a proper wheel set up

kevnb399d ago

10 years is such a long time in the video game industry.

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EazyC399d ago

If they get Fallout 4 in VR, that'd be pretty crazy. Not that I thought the game held a candle to F:NV, but in its own right, being in a VR world on that scale would be mad!

I've never tried VR before (fascinated with it's development though) , but being the tentative consumer I am, I would wait until killer-apps started being purpose-built for VR before I went all in with it.

Jakens399d ago

Saint's Row cost too much to make, I mean, vs sales.

Segata399d ago

How can VR be in it's infancy when it's been around since the 80s?

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theXtReMe1400d ago

Hes absolutely right. Its exactly why I havent bought into VR yet. We have no games, just technology demos. Until developers learn to make true full games, like Fallout 4, using it... its going to remain in its infantile state. As far as AAA, spot on. AAA is stuck in a holding patern and has been for 10+ years. Games following a paint-by-numbers pattern of popularity. Whats hot, what is selling, whats not... which is probably the first questions any AAA developer asks at any brainstorming session for their next project.

The only innovation weve seen in the past 10+ years, has come from Indie developers. Because they want to make games that they would enjoy playing, instead of those specifically made to generate profit for investors. Not saying that all AAA developers are the same, because I know all want to make the best games they can... but they are limited by the corporations and investors they work for and dont have the freedom or time to innovate the way Im sure most of their employees would love to.

Gaming is in an odd period, altogether. Its almost as if many gamers are tired of, what has become, AAA experiences and are reverting back to gamings youth. When it was just a few buttons and a world full of imagination. Maybe tired of how complex modern gaming has become. Regardless of reason, its obvious that something has to change. The games we play truly havent changed in 20 years. Halo then, is still COD now. I thought Red Faction: Guerilla would hopefully usher in a generation of physics enhanced games, where we could use every object in the game world against the enemies standing near them. Yet, it seems that game was a one trick pony for the industry and we havent seen any game that used physics as a gameplay feature, since.

All that has changed is the graphics and the sizes of the worlds we are playing in. Almost like developers forgot how physics could make the games we play, that much better, by using everything in the environment as a tool. Instead of shooting enemies in the face, shoot the statue that falls into a vehicle carrying gas tanks, that explodes and sends shrapnel flying into the enemy. Imstead of trying to find a way around the broken bridge, shoot down a tree to span the void. It gives gamers a million ways to complete the tasks ahead of them. A way to be creative themselves, within the confines of a games mission structure.

I think gamers and developers have spent too much time thinking about resolution, and much less thinking about the way we play. Which is why I think many gamers are reverting back to gamings beginning and playing Indie titles that mirror those many played in the 80s. They are easy to get into, fun to play, yet difficult to master. Providing a challenge, without complication of controls getting in the way. Just pick up and play.

Alexious399d ago

Wow, that's a wall of text if I have ever seen one!

But it's true that the AAA market is saturated. Though there are still some great AAA titles coming out from developers like Naughty Dog, CD Projekt RED, Rockstar, Nintendo, Guerrilla Games etc.

Fearmonkey399d ago

Your missing out, VR even in its current state, is amazing. PSVR and Resident Evil 7, Batman VR, Until Dawn:Rush of Blood, Here they lie are just a few and well worth playing in VR. yes its going to get better and the games improve but right now its fun enough to warrant getting it. I use my PSVR just about every day. Have you tried something like Resident Evil 7 in VR yet? You actually feel your in that house! The 180 SBS pron is incredible btw, I got a few friends to get it just because of that lol.

big_dom_strikes_back399d ago

Absolutely. Why put off buying something just because its new and relatively rough around the edges? If it offers a different and exciting experience, jump in. If people didn't take the punt at consoles, or games, in the 80 and early 90's, we wouldn't have an industry today. I love the concept of VR because of that. Because it's new and it has a brand new ceiling to hit, rather than traditional games, which are running out of compelling and fresh ideas fast. I can't wait to see where VR is in 10 years, and I'll be coming along for the ride until it gets there.

Nu399d ago

Thanks for beta testing VR for us. We'll get VR when it's $100 or on sale.

OB1Biker399d ago

A bit contradictory how you seem to advocate gaming innovation and yet from the get go dismiss VR out of bias or ignorance 'Hes absolutely right. Its exactly why I havent bought into VR yet.'

frostypants399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

I think you're somewhat underselling what's out there for VR already. I think you'd be surprised.

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ChristMustDie400d ago

I agree with his comments regarding VR. There still hasn't been a killer app yet and I'm not sure when we will receive it.

Mostafeto399d ago

In a couple of years surely but tbh there are already a couple of really good titles

DaFeelz399d ago

RE7 is your killer app. I have a 65" Samsung curved with hdr and the pro. VR is how I always choose to play it. I'm not gonna disagree with you but RE7 is the one.

big_dom_strikes_back399d ago

RE7 is a fantastic utilisation of VR, but I wouldn't say it's fully taking advantage of it, and nor is it the killer app. That's not a slight against RE7 in VR. That's actually a compliment given how amazing it is on the PSVR, and I agree, I wouldn't play it in standard mode. If RE7 had use of proper room scale, motion controls, and maybe even locomotion of the player, then, yeah, it would have been. Thing is, RE7 is ridiculous in how tense it is to play. It would be more so with all the aforementioned features, because that would immerse you more. That can put a lot of people off. Amazing? Yes. Too spooky for some? Yes.

Fearmonkey399d ago

Batman VR was what made me a believer, but if your into horror games, Resident Evil 7 cannot be topped.

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