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Ayush says, "An important facet during most of my reviews is how much does the game appeal to someone who is watching you play. During my excursions in Mass Effect Andromeda, my younger brother saw me go through the motions of getting my RPG bearing. He asked me questions about the various species I met, and I shared a few anecdotes about the Mass Effect world with him too. By the end when I asked him if he was bored just watching me walk from one end to the other, he replied that he rather enjoyed the conversations I had been having, and would love to know more about the world than do some senseless shooting. This in a nutshell is what Mass Effect Andromeda is all about. The world building trumps gameplay, and gameplay trumps animations (though that is not saying a lot)."

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saurabhcharde364d ago

Couldn't agree more, the more I walked around in the nexus, the more I enjoyed the game.