NVIDIA shows amazing GameWorks DX12 fire & smoke effects

NVIDIA has released a new video, showcasing some fire and smoke effects that are powered by its GameWorks Flow tech in DX12.

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Haurus301d ago

Fire and smoke to be specific. All video games are smoke and mirrors, it is CGI. Rendered is rendered regardless of methods used.

Not sure why everyone feels the need to hate on Nvidia these days. They are still the first to innovate 90% of the time. They release these tech demo's regularely and the features nearly always end up in future games.

quent300d ago

Not hating on nvidiia, I own cards from both companies, but these gameworks type features only exist to create a bump in the road for AMD and nothing else, the focus is never on adding features for nvidia card owners, its been the case ever since physx, they use they're proprietary software tools in games in such a way to hinder performance on AMD gpu setups, this will be another features that gets disabled in the graphics menu by ALL users because it will cause performance issues except for those with very higend or multi gpu setups.

At the end of the day you get a cool little added effect ingame for a huge knock in performance, that's how Gameworks works

Cueil301d ago

I hate GameWorks and I hope it fails... closed systems like this in pc gaming are only degrading progress

_LarZen_301d ago

Pointless tech demo that in practice eats so much fps even high-end GPU owners just turn it off.