Is It Time To Take Microsoft And The Xbox Scorpio Seriously?

Microsoft is fallen behind this generation, and is clearly hurting.

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Krussail426d ago

I really hope that the Xbox Scorpio succeeds.

Septic426d ago

Scorpio represents MS's willingness to be competitive. Along with its digital refund policy etc it shows that they really want to be taken seriously and are striving to be the best.

YES they have a lot of work to do and really, you can't overstate the important of what really is a mid gen console 4 years into this generation- but it shows that they are competitive. Plus it gives me an excuse to use the word the BEAST

Sony has 'won' this gen pretty decisively- that is hard to argue with the exception of people's subjective tastes etc.

But what all this does do is instil some confidence back into the Xbox brand, particularly for Xbox fans who lost a lot of that at the start of this gen.

MS need to keep at it and have a really uphill battle as far as delivering a diverse set of first party exclusives, setting up studios etc (all the things they neglected to do for years).

But I like what they are doing now. For me, Sony has already won this gen in the grand scheme of things but the Xbox is still a great brand.

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DillyDilly426d ago

You do realize that the PS4 Pro is also a mid gen console yes ?

Krussail426d ago

They really do need the games though, and at the end of the day that is what matters. Sony has managed to build a really strong first and second party studio base over the last few years. All Ms has got is Gears and Halo.

Trez1234426d ago

Can't really argue with what you said. Competition is good for us and as someone who only has Nintendo and Playstation this gen, I'm excited to get back having all 3 of those brands again. A few of us boycotted xbox this gen due to those policies ( xbox one reveal) but it's hard to ignore their willingness to rebuild that trust and I for one can't wait for E3. Don't mess it up again and please bring fable back!!!

fiveby9426d ago

I remind myself that for Sony to be successful does not mean MS must not be successful. It is not a zero sum game in all respects. A rising tide lifts all boats often times. However, will I be buying a Scorpio? At this point I have no plans to do so. Between my 1080Ti PC and my PS4 I feel pretty well covered. I think Scorpio will make MS more competitive in US/UK markets but I don't think Sony sits on it's hands either. Competition is good. And Sony is motivated too. Who wins here? We all do.

RosweeSon426d ago

It shows their willingness to be ignorant. People want games and they give us a 3rd hardware revision in 4 years. That's great if the catalogue of games warrants upgrades but they've barely got any banging games out of launch Xbox one now they wanna jump to Scorpio... cya! Sticking with this gen. even if Scorpio isn't Next gen as such it's got absolutely no games on the horizon that warrant all the expense.

ILostMyMind426d ago

Scorpio represents the XBO's failure.

RommyReigns426d ago


'Let's be honest, how many of us actually cares who sold the most...'

Sorry to be so blunt, but how many xbox fanboys were proclaiming the xbox 360 sales figures 'exceeding' the PS3 sales figures up until the PS3 surpassed it? This site had more rampant fanboys proclaiming xbox 360 sales figures than the density of ridge-wood in Horizon.

GtR35olution426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Dont reward foolishness. Sony launched a proper game console this gen with the ps4 focused on gaming. I hear some fanat-x constantly going on about how xbox launched with better games and more exclusives which is just an opinion but its quite evident that sony has garnered a lot more exclusive titles for the ps4 with a lot of games on the horizon while there isnt much that has been shown by microsoft for the Xbox. I guess fanat-x expected to be playing the same launch titles the xbox launched with years later without anything new. These gaming consoles shouldnt thrive on peopled hopes and dreams but actual games for people to play and experience. After a bunch of silliness with the xbox one and lack of games compared to the ps4 Microsoft is releasing the scorpio. Scorpio wont change the tide of the gaming industry where the ps4 has a lot more market share than Xbox. Sony will continue to release more games than microsoft and the ps4 will continue its success. Why should gamers take Microsoft and the xbox division more seriously when sony is showing people that ps4 is the best gaming system to have.

UltraNova426d ago

Septic even though i generally agree with what you said( I've been saying the exact same thing since last year) II have to say this as well - we will both be here one year after the Scorpio has launched and we will see the true extend of MS's new found competitive focus.

The scorpio is without a doubt a step to the right direction, but its a long long hike for MS to even begin gaining ground on Sony. Full, uninterrupted stream of games and support throughout the console's lifespan is the key, lets see if MS finally got it right ,the 4rth time around.

MADGameR426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Nope X Box Scorpio is X Box Ones bandaid to stop the bleeding and beating that SONYs PS4 has been dishing out on it since the beginning of this generation.

TheCommentator426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Very well put, Septic! Some of you other guys, not so much. For example:

Random One, what did Septic say (or not say) about the PS Pro that prompted your post? Septic's post is quite neutral because he's complimenting what both companies are doing, so I'm not understanding your frustration here either.

Roweeson, it shows MS' willingness to change their "ignorance", not to continue to be. MS is putting the past behind them, and the list of good things they have done/announced over the last 12 months is proof enough. Games are coming to light at E3, MS assures us, and all they have to do now is show a better commitment to games development and all of their past transgressions will have been absolved. Oh, BTW, Sony is coming out with a Slim PS4 this year... which is their 3rd console in 4 years... so what's your point?

GTR, quit living in the past. If you like the past so much though, you could always relive all the best moments of last gen on an XB1 with BC! 😉 Also, MS has produced many games post launch (and not only Halo, Gears, Forza). You may like them or you may not, but your preference doesn't make the games MS releases nonexistent. Yes, Sony has more, but MS has said that they're focus as a company is squarely on gaming now and that E3 will be about games. Even if they do show well at E3 though, I have a feeling you'll still complain about the past.

Kingthrash360426d ago

Imo it MS who needs to take xbox seriously

vegasgamerdawg426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

What did MS lose? Your fanBOY war? They made billions. WTF R U TALKING ABOUT? Fanboy war is Grow up. Xbox is MS second most successful brand. They've never sold so much hardware in their history. I'm so sick of this fanBOY crap on N4G, it's so silly and so immature. You're living in a fantasy bubble made up from childish competitiveness, ignorance and narcissism.

indyman77426d ago

@Woolly_ I agreed except the part how many of us actually care. Because I don't think PS4 would be a JRPG machine without being a landslide winner in sales. With one console having so many sales it becomes less a risk to make a turn based jrpg which usually takes twice as long and as many resources.

vegasgamerdawg426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I saw a headline on N4G the other day #1 story " Ps4 out sells Xbone" (They know their audience) You know another way you could write that headline? " As gaming platforms go, Sony came in next to last" PC and smartphone gaming platforms make Sony look like a pimple on a gnats butt. Right now the Switch is outselling PS4. Does that mean SOny lost? Lost what? FanBOY status? It's not real, it's children brainwashed by the TV. It's silly nonsense man. Let's talk about games please.

thekhurg426d ago

The answer you were looking for is:


timotim426d ago

Yeah, I think the idea here is that MS is taking themselves seriously and aint play around...that's the Xbox I want to see...that's a dangerous Xbox indeed.

DAEMONIFEAR425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

If Sony had it all bagged up then why are people buying the standard ps4 and the pro isn't even 1/3 the overall sales?Lol the pro only came out 6 month's ago!

And the narrative people keep using that Xbox has no games lol Xbox has had the most consistent 1st/2nd/3rd party exclusives and indie lineup then they've ever had! Whilst Sony hasn't been consistent at all and lacked in the exclusive department which was stated by Sony themselves, in fact Sony had worst launch lineup and took almost 2yrs from 2013 to build a game library worth playing and the #1 reason people bought ps4 over X1 was power and then better looking/running 3rd party titles which have been the overall main sales reasons for any console this gen not a single exclusive!

Don't believe a website just because they try make false news to gain clicks/traffic! X1 [email protected] just released their 500th indie title and then the over 300 back compat 360 titles, then we have the huge 1st/2nd/3rd party exclusives and then 3rd party AA/AAA titles Xbox has a lot of games!

You're a moron to think otherwise!


If it was all just about "games" then why are Sony and Nintendo trying to compete in department's MS have been in for longer? MS's service's, features and community support cannot be beaten that is a 100% fact! And those 3 thing's were the reason I stopped supporting Sony and Nintendo! At least when I got red ring of death with my 360 twice I got free support and free replacements and never had to send anything away! Sony told me to kindly F off with a broken ps3/ps4 console/controllers as did Nintendo, it was a too bad nothing we can do, buy a new one or send it in and we'll charge you! And then there's the online dilemma of psn+ lol I'll never touch it again!

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morganfell425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Scorpio does not represent MS's willingness to be competitive. The main reason consoles are competitive are because of the games they offer. Until MS has Scorpio only exclusives, not X1/PC/Scorpio exclusives, but rather "Only on Scorpio" titles then they are not being competitive as regards that single console. Microsoft is like the doctor that saw their patient was bleeding so they covered the wound and never bothered to investigate was was actually causing the damage internally. The bleeding will continue and the patient will not heal. Treating the symptoms rather than the actual cause will never provide a long lasting solution.

When MS invested in another console instead of doubling down on the only thing that matters at the end of the day - games - they insured Sony's victory this gen. And because their move almost certainly means Sony will have at least a year headstart next gen they have practically handed the upcoming generation to them as well.

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Bobafret426d ago

Wow, a lot of people don't want Scorpio to succeed. I wonder why?

RosweeSon426d ago

Not if it's just Scorpio and barren exclusives again for next 1-2 years whilst they make games then oh wait everyone's going next gen 🙄
New consoles are great if they have the games to warrant purchase Xbox has nothing on the horizon absolutely nothing, Crackdown 3 better be good as otherwise 👌🏻 Nout.

XanderZane426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Well this is N4G, home of the most biased fanboys, so you shouldn't be surprised. Even last gen fanboys were claiming PS3 was doomed and Sony would go bankrupt. So if you just ignore all the fanboys, you'll do alright on here.
Microsoft needs more exclusives obviously for the Scorpio to be successful. They also need the right price. If this comes out at $600+, they are going to be in trouble.

darthv72426d ago

@Xander... well, didnt sony 'almost' go bankrupt last gen? I mean they did allot of restructuring and sold off some stuff to keep things financially stable. So that is some what indicative of them being on the edge at least.

denawayne426d ago

What I find sad is the amount of Sony fanboys in Xbox articles. I don't own a PS4. So guess what? I'm never in PS4 articles. It's not because I hate Sony or PS4, It's because I don't have a vested interest in it.

I would love for anyone in here who doesn't own an Xbox system to please explain why you're in this or any Xbox article.

LastCenturyRob426d ago

probably because most of the PS4 owners aren't out of school yet.... when they get home, watch out, thumbs down galore!

snoopgg426d ago

Well, lets just say Microsoft had alot to do with that. Gamers were tired of the things they were pulling at the beginning of the generation.

rainslacker425d ago


The subject of this article is if we should take MS seriously. Us, being the primary, MS being the object of the topic at hand.

Console wars would explain why people are in other articles, but in this one, it's about if we should take them seriously, because a lot of people aren't.

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starchild425d ago

No single thing is "everything". That's pure fanboy talk.

Price, games, hardware performance, features, ecosystem, friends, controller, brand...all these things, and more, matter.

C_Ali88425d ago

Price and games matter A LOT!!!!! But people who want the Scorpio will buy the Scorpio.

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_LarZen_426d ago

The only ones who don't want that are fanboys. It's in everyone's best interest that there is competition and rivalry.

Ashlen426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Competition yes, Microsoft to be the competition no. They have too much control over the PC landscape as is. The last thing we need is for Microsoft to be able to throw it's weight around on both PC's and consoles. :Last gen they used their weight to force paid online on consumers as well as DLC. And at the start of this gen they tried to use their weight to force always online digital only and to eliminate ownership and used game sales.

The only reason they are doing the things they are now is because they are so far behind Sony, if they had run away with the gen who knows how different things would have been but it's safe to say given Microsoft's track record things would have been WAY less pro consumer.

rainslacker425d ago

While I agree competition is good, whose to say that another company couldn't offer more competition than MS does. There are other companies out there which do well by doing what consumers like, and have good ideas, so it's possible they could take over.

Never know until it happens, but I think more than 3 main competitors is stretching the market thin. So I can't see another major competitor unless one of the big 3 bows out.

C_Ali88425d ago

Well the only gripe I really have with MS is that they have bought and turned to many great devs into shitty corporate machines, to crank out whatever Microsoft deems its fans "want".

Thus they've had to rely on third party devs, and when the next console has the same games and is insanely more popular you come to a point where you don't have enough of a differentiation in software to attract new gamers to your console. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot, much as Sony did early with the Ps3. The only difference being Sony began pumping out exclusives in the second half of the Ps3's life cycle.

Microsoft has to do similar things to rebound now....

XXanderXX426d ago

Wow seem like some don't like competition based on the disagrees on the comment .

Honestly I hope its a massive success .

mark_parch426d ago

why are people down voting comments about wanting scorpio to be a success . I don't understand why anybody would want a games console to fail. if you like gaming as a hobby then surely you want as many successful games and games consoles as possible on the market

_LarZen_426d ago

It's fanboys. Sadly there are many of them here at N4G.

mark_parch426d ago

Krussail It's so sad your comment has 24 downvotes. why would anybody want scorpio to fail?

txboy05426d ago

I hope so too, that will make Sony kick it up a couple more notches. Success is good for everybody

C_Ali88425d ago

I hope so also, I didn't buy a Xone once they shifted focus to Scorpio and I also don't have a 4k TV so Scorpio won't be for me but I do hope very much for it's success.

joab777425d ago

Anyone who played a 360 hopes they succeed. Anyone who has taken simple economics hopes they succeed.

I just love articles like this. You always take a company like MS seriously. They stumbled this gen, as has every great video game company.

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Apocalypse Shadow426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Do I want them to try more as a console manufacturer? Sure. The console industry being healthy should be everyone's choice over an unhealthy one.

It's just hard to take serious a company that didn't take the console industry serious for years. Only when they finally met Sony head to head, and they got massacred like most thought would happen, did they finally start changing their ARROGANT toon. And when I say hard to take serious, I mean...

Abandoning Xbox because it was behind PS2 and the Nvidia card was expensive. To get new games, you had to get an Xbox 360. Excluding RROD, what happens next? They abandon vision cam. Not one game worth mentioning. Next? They abandon the core for Kinect? Not one core game for Kinect. Next? They abandon Xbox 360 in the last 3 years to front load Xbox one. Games like Ryse and Dead rising, Forza 5, etc would have been 360 games. Next? Abandoned Kinect 2. See a pattern?

Now, let's see if it continues with Xbox one.

To get HDR, you won't get it on the original Xbox one. You got to buy the new Xbox one S. But hey. You get ultra bluray playback. But you don't get VR. To get that, you must buy Scorpio.. This is called "fragmentation."

PS4 and PS4 Pro... Everyone gets HDR. Everyone gets VR. Everyone gets 3D bluray support and can view it in VR. And of course, everyone gets Sony's high quality exclusives. Core and VR games. Everyone has PS move support. This may be represented by the word "consolidation."

Scorpio may be a system that pushes the game detail a little higher. Pushes VR a little higher. But it's backed by the same company. You know, that company that lead us all on the road of paying for online. You know, that company that tried to take away your gaming rights. You know, that company that has no solution for the 25 or so million who may want VR on the current system they already have. And may not want to spend another $500 to get it. On top of $300-$500 for VR just to play fallout 4. Guess they're abandoned like always.

Every time they say "high fidelity VR", what they are "true 4K" saying is "not for the current base of 20 something million." Remember, high fidelity VR, not for 20 something million..... It's hard to take the system and Microsoft serious.

Mister_Wolf426d ago

As much as i hate to admit it, i agree you have a point. Microsoft has a really bad track record of abandoning things. If you think they have been rubbish with how they dealt with the Xbox brand (which is improving now hopefully), you should really see how badly they've treated the few million who use Windows Phone. As there aren't many people using WP at the moment the mistreatment isn't covered very much.

Microsoft, more than anything, need to rebuild trust again. That is their biggest challenge.

_-EDMIX-_426d ago

Absolutely agreed this generation right now for Microsoft is just a complete train wreck.

They are just producing some of the worst games and cancellation after cancellation is just not helping them.

Krussail426d ago

Oh yes, and I was one of the dumb idiots who actually fell for the Windows Phone. Hated every moment of owning it.

Mister_Wolf426d ago

Tell me about it Krussail. Recently what community was remaining for WP, has completely imploded.

ps360s426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Yes I agreed with you Mister_Wolf

I love my lumia 950xl and they abandoned the whole Lumia range! I would've stayed with the Lumia brand if they just allow google apps!

I have now gave it away was kinda a difficult decision but oh well

I will not see myself getting the Scorpio, I rather get the Xbox one S (which I am buying tomorrow)

even tho the Scorpio is a powerful console but I really don't see the need for it, for me anyway

same with the Ps4, I am sticking to the normal Ps4 and not upgrading to the Pro and since I don't own a Xbox one, I get the S

I said in the past that I won't be owning an Xbox since the 360 but I do miss Halo/gears and the price seems right to now own one. I still won't expect much from an Xbox compare to Ps4 exclusives but at under £200 it's really no harm in owning an Xboxone S and it's UHD

now I am complete with 3 consoles :D

I still won't take MS with what they say nor will I forget the last few months of the 360 and the start of Xbox one but I will now have all 3 consoles to look forward to whatever future holds for them lol

RommyReigns426d ago

Windows Phone could have been epic, had so much potential to take on the juggernauts of Android and iOS. Having the Microsoft software we expect from normal Windows was a huge advantage to have on Windows Phone (especially having true Microsoft Office) but Microsoft didn't go through with bringing the support (major apps, new tech improvements etc) and that's why adoption rate fell and why Windows Phone failed.

darthv72426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

Where some see their track recod as "abandoning" others see it as progressing or evolving. You can't sit there and just keep supporting old tech forever. You have to change with the times and try to stay ahead of the curve. And that is NOT just limited to MS but to any and ALL companies with a good or service being offered to consumers.

Truth be told, just because something new gets released doesn't all of a sudden negate the effectiveness of the previous product. They still work even if they may not get the newest level of support. My genesis still works and I can still play the plethora of games for it even though nothing new has been released in quite some time (except homebrew).

you want to talk about support... having a community of passionate gamers that still create projects for aging platforms... THAT's what you should call support and it's pretty amazing too.

Mister_Wolf426d ago

@Darth the difference here, especially with Microsoft isnt that they do it to evolve.

Windows Phone for example got reset 3 times. They changed kernal one of the times, but mostly they did it because they had f**ked up on the phones, so they reset. But the thing is, if you want to do that, then you need to come back with a fresh approach. Microsoft has done nothing of the sort, no new strategy, nothing. That's why people feel abandoned.

JBaby343426d ago

@darth: That's some serious spin.

LackTrue4K425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

Now that you bring up the lack of window phone support. The same happen to my Zune HD. And I love that thing a lot!!! If it wasn't for them lack/dropping support of it. I would of never jumped to apple products.
Miss my zune, was a great Device!

For that same reason I have not bot a Microsoft surface or an Xbox system in years.

rainslacker425d ago

I got a windows phone for free way back when. Nice phone, had it for years. Loved it. Then finally upgraded and got another one. Despite being the newer win8 it was complete crap. Phone itself was fine, but the OS was buggy, and half the time it didn't work. Updates were a joke, as in non-existent, because apparently it's up to the phone maker to actually do that, and when I finally installed the win10 preview stuff just to try and make it better, it was even worse.

No one is talking about it because no one cares about it anymore. If they ever did. I don't think it was ever that popular to begin with, despite some media hype saying how great they were.

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Septic426d ago

“It's just hard to take serious a company that didn't take the console industry serious for years.”

They didn’t take the console industry seriously? That is ridiculous. They definitely did with the original Xbox and then the 360. They showed Sony the ropes which resulted in the form the PS4 has taken today (easy to develop for, a PROPER online system, party chat etc)

“did they finally start changing their ARROGANT toon”

That arrogance isn’t just alien to them. Sony’s arrogance is clear too, as is Nintendo’s. And the fact that they are changing is evidence enough of them being competitive. Are Nintendo changing their attitude?
Then your list completely skews things disproportionately into the negative:

“Abandoning Xbox because it was behind PS2 “
This was their first entry into the console industry and they made a big impact. Yes they brought that gen to an end for the sake of the 360 but ultimately, this was the correct move that made the Xbox platform flourish last gen.

Abandoning vision cam and Kinect? Remember- BOTH companies tried to replicate Nintendo’s success with motion controls. Sony didn’t fare that much better with Move- in fact, MS committed to the tech with far more conviction albeit to the detriment of core gamers.

“ They abandon Xbox 360 in the last 3 years to front load Xbox one. “
Hold on- why have you drawn a COMPLETE blank to all the strides they made with the Xbox and the 360? They showed the industry that consoles can do online gaming properly- schooled the competition in how its done, made an easy to develop for platform and really pushed online gaming with some great games.
They really let indie devs flourish earl with the 360 days although admittedly they didn’t do them justice later.

BUT they have improved- they have made strides to rectify those mistakes with indies, changing their policies, removing Kinect, making the console cheaper, going above and beyond with the Scorpio, making strides in digital refund policies etc. They have been frank and admitted their shortcomings. They have reacted.

So I don’t see why they cannot be taken seriously. If anything, they should be and they deserve to be. This is exactly what this industry needs to ensure it flourishes.

slate91426d ago

His comment is so one-sided. Thank you for this response. People get carried away. Give them an inch, they take a mile.

kayoss426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I agree with what you said. But I think his point is that Microsoft become so focus with their new console that they disregard the current console. You look at the original Xbox and I'm pretty sure you remember what happened to the console when the Xbox 360 was announced. Microsoft act like no one owns the xbox so they never really released any software for it. Same thing happened to the xbox360 when the xbox one was announced. Almost 3 years and no significant software was released for that system. I wouldnt be surprised if they did the same to the xbox one once scorpio is released. Microsoft claim that all games will be able to be played on both consoles, but in my opinion, the power differences is too large for that to work.

I'm not arguing that Xbox is not taking the console gaming seriously. The xbox360 was very innovative and one of the first to do online gaming right. I think they are trying their best to be innovative but i feel like they are not taking their fans seriously. They make decisions on what they think is best for their fans instead of doing what fans want.

corroios426d ago

Dont be blind. All first exclusives games of the xbox one were from the 360. Thats why the last 3 years there wasnt any big title on 360.

Loyalty is good but blind loyalty isnt

Septic426d ago

Where is the blind loyalty? I qualified my points, am critical of the company but am not an all out hater. That's not blind loyalty. Not at all

nitus10426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

When Sony came to market with the PS3 their controller the supported six-axis control which was effectively motion control. The PS3 was released on the 11th November 2006 while the Wii was released on the 19th November 2006 so Sony was the first to sell a console with motion control.

The reason why the initial PS3 controller did not support rumble was the fact that Sony was embroiled in litigation with Immersion over their patent. on haptic feedback. For those interested, the original patent for haptic feedback was actually in the 1930's.

You can even look up the patents although be warned that even a professional Engineer can get a migraine headache after reading one of those. :)

krypt1983426d ago

That's the difference between the xbox community and playstation, xbots call mircosoft on there bullshit and get change, ponies suck what ever sony gives them at the tet and defends it, idc what nobody says the ps4 should have bc period but no sony won't do ot because they know there base is suckers who will pay for the failing psnow just to play old games they already own and ea access why not give your consumers the option oh because it will eat into our bottomline, why would sony waste money on marketing rights on battlefront when people on xbox get to play it 10 days early lol and not to mention it will run and look way better on xbox ?

Chevalier425d ago

Not an all out hater? Maybe. But those old articles and BS you spouted over the years to fit your agenda don't go awa