Is It Time To Take Microsoft And The Xbox Scorpio Seriously?

Microsoft is fallen behind this generation, and is clearly hurting.

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Krussail118d ago

I really hope that the Xbox Scorpio succeeds.

Septic117d ago

Scorpio represents MS's willingness to be competitive. Along with its digital refund policy etc it shows that they really want to be taken seriously and are striving to be the best.

YES they have a lot of work to do and really, you can't overstate the important of what really is a mid gen console 4 years into this generation- but it shows that they are competitive. Plus it gives me an excuse to use the word the BEAST

Sony has 'won' this gen pretty decisively- that is hard to argue with the exception of people's subjective tastes etc.

But what all this does do is instil some confidence back into the Xbox brand, particularly for Xbox fans who lost a lot of that at the start of this gen.

MS need to keep at it and have a really uphill battle as far as delivering a diverse set of first party exclusives, setting up studios etc (all the things they neglected to do for years).

But I like what they are doing now. For me, Sony has already won this gen in the grand scheme of things but the Xbox is still a great brand.

Woolly_117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Yes Sony's got the gen bagged up. It's a wrap.. That's great for them.
Let's be honest, how many of us actually cares who sold the most.

at consumer level,
That's not enough to stop me looking elsewhere. . I'm very much interested in what others are doing still...

I want everyone at their best in terms of games library.

TheRandomOne117d ago

You do realize that the PS4 Pro is also a mid gen console yes ?

Krussail117d ago

They really do need the games though, and at the end of the day that is what matters. Sony has managed to build a really strong first and second party studio base over the last few years. All Ms has got is Gears and Halo.

Trez1234117d ago

Can't really argue with what you said. Competition is good for us and as someone who only has Nintendo and Playstation this gen, I'm excited to get back having all 3 of those brands again. A few of us boycotted xbox this gen due to those policies ( xbox one reveal) but it's hard to ignore their willingness to rebuild that trust and I for one can't wait for E3. Don't mess it up again and please bring fable back!!!

fiveby9117d ago

I remind myself that for Sony to be successful does not mean MS must not be successful. It is not a zero sum game in all respects. A rising tide lifts all boats often times. However, will I be buying a Scorpio? At this point I have no plans to do so. Between my 1080Ti PC and my PS4 I feel pretty well covered. I think Scorpio will make MS more competitive in US/UK markets but I don't think Sony sits on it's hands either. Competition is good. And Sony is motivated too. Who wins here? We all do.

RosweeSon117d ago

It shows their willingness to be ignorant. People want games and they give us a 3rd hardware revision in 4 years. That's great if the catalogue of games warrants upgrades but they've barely got any banging games out of launch Xbox one now they wanna jump to Scorpio... cya! Sticking with this gen. even if Scorpio isn't Next gen as such it's got absolutely no games on the horizon that warrant all the expense.

ILostMyMind117d ago

Scorpio represents the XBO's failure.

RommyReigns117d ago


'Let's be honest, how many of us actually cares who sold the most...'

Sorry to be so blunt, but how many xbox fanboys were proclaiming the xbox 360 sales figures 'exceeding' the PS3 sales figures up until the PS3 surpassed it? This site had more rampant fanboys proclaiming xbox 360 sales figures than the density of ridge-wood in Horizon.

GtR35olution117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Dont reward foolishness. Sony launched a proper game console this gen with the ps4 focused on gaming. I hear some fanat-x constantly going on about how xbox launched with better games and more exclusives which is just an opinion but its quite evident that sony has garnered a lot more exclusive titles for the ps4 with a lot of games on the horizon while there isnt much that has been shown by microsoft for the Xbox. I guess fanat-x expected to be playing the same launch titles the xbox launched with years later without anything new. These gaming consoles shouldnt thrive on peopled hopes and dreams but actual games for people to play and experience. After a bunch of silliness with the xbox one and lack of games compared to the ps4 Microsoft is releasing the scorpio. Scorpio wont change the tide of the gaming industry where the ps4 has a lot more market share than Xbox. Sony will continue to release more games than microsoft and the ps4 will continue its success. Why should gamers take Microsoft and the xbox division more seriously when sony is showing people that ps4 is the best gaming system to have.

UltraNova117d ago

Septic even though i generally agree with what you said( I've been saying the exact same thing since last year) II have to say this as well - we will both be here one year after the Scorpio has launched and we will see the true extend of MS's new found competitive focus.

The scorpio is without a doubt a step to the right direction, but its a long long hike for MS to even begin gaining ground on Sony. Full, uninterrupted stream of games and support throughout the console's lifespan is the key, lets see if MS finally got it right ,the 4rth time around.

MADGameR117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Nope X Box Scorpio is X Box Ones bandaid to stop the bleeding and beating that SONYs PS4 has been dishing out on it since the beginning of this generation.

TheCommentator117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Very well put, Septic! Some of you other guys, not so much. For example:

Random One, what did Septic say (or not say) about the PS Pro that prompted your post? Septic's post is quite neutral because he's complimenting what both companies are doing, so I'm not understanding your frustration here either.

Roweeson, it shows MS' willingness to change their "ignorance", not to continue to be. MS is putting the past behind them, and the list of good things they have done/announced over the last 12 months is proof enough. Games are coming to light at E3, MS assures us, and all they have to do now is show a better commitment to games development and all of their past transgressions will have been absolved. Oh, BTW, Sony is coming out with a Slim PS4 this year... which is their 3rd console in 4 years... so what's your point?

GTR, quit living in the past. If you like the past so much though, you could always relive all the best moments of last gen on an XB1 with BC! 😉 Also, MS has produced many games post launch (and not only Halo, Gears, Forza). You may like them or you may not, but your preference doesn't make the games MS releases nonexistent. Yes, Sony has more, but MS has said that they're focus as a company is squarely on gaming now and that E3 will be about games. Even if they do show well at E3 though, I have a feeling you'll still complain about the past.

Kingthrash360117d ago

Imo it MS who needs to take xbox seriously

vegasgamerdawg117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

What did MS lose? Your fanBOY war? They made billions. WTF R U TALKING ABOUT? Fanboy war is Grow up. Xbox is MS second most successful brand. They've never sold so much hardware in their history. I'm so sick of this fanBOY crap on N4G, it's so silly and so immature. You're living in a fantasy bubble made up from childish competitiveness, ignorance and narcissism.

indyman77117d ago

@Woolly_ I agreed except the part how many of us actually care. Because I don't think PS4 would be a JRPG machine without being a landslide winner in sales. With one console having so many sales it becomes less a risk to make a turn based jrpg which usually takes twice as long and as many resources.

vegasgamerdawg117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I saw a headline on N4G the other day #1 story " Ps4 out sells Xbone" (They know their audience) You know another way you could write that headline? " As gaming platforms go, Sony came in next to last" PC and smartphone gaming platforms make Sony look like a pimple on a gnats butt. Right now the Switch is outselling PS4. Does that mean SOny lost? Lost what? FanBOY status? It's not real, it's children brainwashed by the TV. It's silly nonsense man. Let's talk about games please.

thekhurg117d ago

The answer you were looking for is:


timotim117d ago

Yeah, I think the idea here is that MS is taking themselves seriously and aint play around...that's the Xbox I want to see...that's a dangerous Xbox indeed.

DAEMONIFEAR117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

If Sony had it all bagged up then why are people buying the standard ps4 and the pro isn't even 1/3 the overall sales?Lol the pro only came out 6 month's ago!

And the narrative people keep using that Xbox has no games lol Xbox has had the most consistent 1st/2nd/3rd party exclusives and indie lineup then they've ever had! Whilst Sony hasn't been consistent at all and lacked in the exclusive department which was stated by Sony themselves, in fact Sony had worst launch lineup and took almost 2yrs from 2013 to build a game library worth playing and the #1 reason people bought ps4 over X1 was power and then better looking/running 3rd party titles which have been the overall main sales reasons for any console this gen not a single exclusive!

Don't believe a website just because they try make false news to gain clicks/traffic! X1 [email protected] just released their 500th indie title and then the over 300 back compat 360 titles, then we have the huge 1st/2nd/3rd party exclusives and then 3rd party AA/AAA titles Xbox has a lot of games!

You're a moron to think otherwise!


If it was all just about "games" then why are Sony and Nintendo trying to compete in department's MS have been in for longer? MS's service's, features and community support cannot be beaten that is a 100% fact! And those 3 thing's were the reason I stopped supporting Sony and Nintendo! At least when I got red ring of death with my 360 twice I got free support and free replacements and never had to send anything away! Sony told me to kindly F off with a broken ps3/ps4 console/controllers as did Nintendo, it was a too bad nothing we can do, buy a new one or send it in and we'll charge you! And then there's the online dilemma of psn+ lol I'll never touch it again!

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morganfell116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Scorpio does not represent MS's willingness to be competitive. The main reason consoles are competitive are because of the games they offer. Until MS has Scorpio only exclusives, not X1/PC/Scorpio exclusives, but rather "Only on Scorpio" titles then they are not being competitive as regards that single console. Microsoft is like the doctor that saw their patient was bleeding so they covered the wound and never bothered to investigate was was actually causing the damage internally. The bleeding will continue and the patient will not heal. Treating the symptoms rather than the actual cause will never provide a long lasting solution.

When MS invested in another console instead of doubling down on the only thing that matters at the end of the day - games - they insured Sony's victory this gen. And because their move almost certainly means Sony will have at least a year headstart next gen they have practically handed the upcoming generation to them as well.

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Bobafret117d ago

Wow, a lot of people don't want Scorpio to succeed. I wonder why?

RosweeSon117d ago

Not if it's just Scorpio and barren exclusives again for next 1-2 years whilst they make games then oh wait everyone's going next gen 🙄
New consoles are great if they have the games to warrant purchase Xbox has nothing on the horizon absolutely nothing, Crackdown 3 better be good as otherwise 👌🏻 Nout.

XanderZane117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Well this is N4G, home of the most biased fanboys, so you shouldn't be surprised. Even last gen fanboys were claiming PS3 was doomed and Sony would go bankrupt. So if you just ignore all the fanboys, you'll do alright on here.
Microsoft needs more exclusives obviously for the Scorpio to be successful. They also need the right price. If this comes out at $600+, they are going to be in trouble.

darthv72117d ago

@Xander... well, didnt sony 'almost' go bankrupt last gen? I mean they did allot of restructuring and sold off some stuff to keep things financially stable. So that is some what indicative of them being on the edge at least.

denawayne117d ago

What I find sad is the amount of Sony fanboys in Xbox articles. I don't own a PS4. So guess what? I'm never in PS4 articles. It's not because I hate Sony or PS4, It's because I don't have a vested interest in it.

I would love for anyone in here who doesn't own an Xbox system to please explain why you're in this or any Xbox article.

LastCenturyRob117d ago

probably because most of the PS4 owners aren't out of school yet.... when they get home, watch out, thumbs down galore!

snoopgg117d ago

Well, lets just say Microsoft had alot to do with that. Gamers were tired of the things they were pulling at the beginning of the generation.

rainslacker117d ago


The subject of this article is if we should take MS seriously. Us, being the primary, MS being the object of the topic at hand.

Console wars would explain why people are in other articles, but in this one, it's about if we should take them seriously, because a lot of people aren't.

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DragonDDark117d ago

That too