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PSWe603404d ago

best update I can remember, kudos Sony

staub913404d ago

Just goes to prove my point that I will certainly be on welfare come December, because of all these amazing

Will_Smith3404d ago

i did the math... and it comes out to around $50

Moving Pictures DLC
2 Rock Band DLC Singles
Mega Man 9
WipeOut HD

i love sony, but damn did you really need to put so much awesome in one day...

~HANCOCK on Blu-Ray High Definition this holiday

TheTwelve3404d ago

I'm all over this...and broke. I've had to go into my special savings this month...and will have to do so next month too.

WIPEOUT HD 10% complete and can't download fast enough.


BulletToothtony3404d ago

installing right now..

i won't be back for the rest of the night guys... go ahead and buy...

see you on the psn...


The Makr3403d ago

I would like to see more RPGs.

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MAiKU3404d ago

Download mm9 then wipeout hd, play mm9 while waiting for WoHD to finish.

God is megaman awesome, and .... hard hahaha tis good though.

ZombieNinjaPanda3404d ago

stuff to buy.

Gonna get wipeout HD. I had good times with Pure, so I believe HD will be just as awesome.

ELite_Ghost3403d ago

my wipeout keeps on freezing, i've never played a race yet! :(

BaSeBaLlKiD7213403d ago

same here expect you have to sign out of PSN to play without freezing...

sit down droid3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

its called waiting for a new dashboard witch wont fvk up all the console like the (cough)update 2.4(cough)(for psn cough)

heyheyhey3404d ago

what the? how is that relevant?

sit down droid3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

hears what i mean

''LMAO the xbugs have to wait until november for a new dashboard update LMAO waitbox 180 sucks hard!''

he is saying that the dashboard is taking a long time. witch i agree to a certain degree i will give him that.

what i am saying is, isnt it better to take their time and slowly implament the new dashboard because if they mess it up it means possibly 20,000,000 units are broken and the bit about the psn update was just to throw a bit of console wars verbal back at him.

MAiKU3403d ago

You mean the one feature that utilizees other system features cough stole cough cough to offer something new?

Hell yeah that's something to look forward too, something everyone else has.

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