MTV Multiplayer: 'BioShock' PS3 Developers Chose Not To Improve Game's Faulty Ending

What should consumers expect from a re-make or a port? A better ending if the first game didn't have a great one?

"BioShock" was released on the Xbox 360 last summer year to much critical acclaim. A PS3 version with commendably similar engineering is coming out next month. But there was at least one widely acknowledged flaw with the Xbox 360 version: the game's final act. Yesterday, MTV Multiplayer learned that despite that year that's passed since the 360 version's release, that ending isn't going to be improved on the PS3.

"When you get a chance to work on something that was really creative you get the temptation to re-do things," the PS3 version's senior producer, Melissa Miller of 2K Marin, told MTV Multiplayer. "We chose not to."

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butterfinger3461d ago

How nice of them:) /sarcasm

zenosaga043460d ago

Why would they change the ending? It's the same game, not a director's cut, what were people expecting?

[email protected]3460d ago

It's ironical cuz Namco make a second ending or various ending I don't remember for Eternal Sonata PS3 version. It's good for me after all I'm getting both game along with LBP next month... now I might which one I'm going to play first O.O

Slinger4203460d ago

I personally liked the endings. Obviously, one ending is much better than the other but how could you alter such a fine piece of art ?? Any fool that says the game has a faulty ending wouldn't recognize gaming art if it spit in their face.

vickers5003460d ago

Agreed. +bubbles

This game is a masterpiece no matter which ending you choose.

Morgue3460d ago

I was just disappointed with end battle not really the ending itself.

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