Is Rare's Sea of Thieves Further Away Than We Thought?

The latest developer update suggests that Rare's online shared world pirate game Sea of Thieves is still far from reaching the coveted land, with the studio heavily working on the NPCs system.

A delay into 2018 seems like a concrete possibility at this point.

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ShadowKnight157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Not surprise if true. I don't think Crackdown 3 will release this year either

Festano157d ago

Me neither but Phil better have other exclusives in his pocket

Concertoine156d ago

If either of these games are delayed, i will probably not get future xbox hardware.

There is no excuse for software revealed in 2014 being delayed 2-3 years from when they were promised into 2018.

KenichiEbina156d ago

I truly hope phil has more hidden exclusives so that when he cancels the next one, he could again say that it's good for xbox gamers.

Critic4l_Strik3156d ago

hes got the Scorpio, which is something...*insert sarcasm*

KillBill156d ago

@Concertoine - I would assume then that you would not be getting any future PS hardware either seeing Sony does the exact same thing.

Utalkin2me156d ago


By all means please list me all of games that was showed during E3 as console exclusives, to try to get people to purchase said console only to cancel games. I can think of only one game. Also, Sony keeps feeding out original exclusives and puts out way more then what MS does. Youre playing what Halo Wars 2 and 2 remastered games so far this year....Sounds like a launch lineup if you ask me and its on year 3.

No reason to defend, people with a half a brain knows Sony puts out way more exclusives then MS and always had. Sony allows for creativity and original content. While MS normally buys deals and makes the big 3 over and over, sprinkled in with some new games.

krypt1983156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

@concertoine so half of sonys game get delayed for up to 10yrs what's your point, its always to delay a good game then to ship a bad game remember that!

@talkin2m3 i hardly doubt microsoft think this game is going to be a system seller and plenty of sony games got delayed, tlou,hzd,tlg list goes on, you realize sony has been in the console buisness way longer they should have more studios, only game sony launched this year has been hzd everything else is 3rd party console exclusive and japenese, it facts that the Japanese culture takes pride and only supports japenese products anything else is niche to them unless its a iphone, so no matter how great the xbox is you wouldn't see them games on xbox. You just show how petty and immature the ps community is you obviously have no interest in xbox or ses of thieves your only in here to repeat the xbox has no games cliché ponies wasn't saying that the first 3years when they didn't have games it was all resolution and power next .

Gibreel87156d ago

"only game sony launched this year has been hzd everything else is 3rd party console exclusive and japenese"

-Gravity rush 2 devolped and published by Sony interactive entertainment (PS4 exlusive) MC 80
-Ni Oh published by Sony interactive entertainment(in the west)(ps4 exclusive) MC 88
-Horizon zero dawn developed and published by Sony interactive entertainment (PS4 exclusive) MC 89
- MLB the show 17 developed and published by Sony interactive (PS4 exclusive) MC 85
- Drawn to death published by Sony interactive (PS4 exclusive) MC 54

Sony published and/or developed games with confirmed dates in 2017
-wipeout omega collection. (June)
-Uncharted lost lagacy (August)
-Everybody's Golf (August)

What I'm trying to say... You are wrong.

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Liqu1d156d ago

Crackdown has to release, they can't afford to delay it anymore.

Alexious156d ago

Yeah, I think Crackdown 3 will definitely release this year. They also teased new info coming soon via Twitter

morganfell156d ago

I don't think it is coming this year. A beta maybe but the game seems unlikely. When Scalebound was canceled it was the time for MS to show something they had in their pocket in order to restore the faith of the disappointed. Anything. Small games get a trailer and a release 6 months later. A major AAA title shows gameplay and releases within 6 months? Seems unlikely. It could happen, but the fact they did nothing to alleviate the Scalebound disappointment shows that either titles aren't shipping this year or MS just simply has very little to show and are having to sit on any titles due this year.

rainslacker156d ago

If the full game isn't ready, which is possible given how little we've seen of it, then I expect them to release something. A beta or something like a prologue in the GT vein.

MS just can't rely on Forza this holiday, and I doubt SoT...assuming it's still slated for this going to drive console sales to the point of making a difference.

So unless they have some big IP behind the curtains, CD3 will get something this year.

Kribwalker156d ago

I'm in the alpha and it's extremely polished and they have now moved into weekly testing from once a month (every Wednesday) and are about to up the big test they have done on Saturdays, which was once every month or two where they add players and more things to the game to an extra 30,000 players (putting it close to 60,000 players in it at one time) that will be in the alpha now. It's further along then this man is suggesting

Alexious156d ago

Really? It sounds like they just added basic NPCs support and they're working to make it a lot more complex.

I don't think they're releasing before they have that. Maybe there'll be a beta in late 2017, but a full release seems doubtful.

WeAreLegion156d ago

Thanks for the info. How is it?

Kribwalker156d ago

I've had a lot of fun. The real key is to have a team of people with headsets, its way better that way, but it's really a lot of fun. I had this rare chest from one island and we were trying to get it back to the mainland when we got jumped by 2 ships of guys and had a 3 ship open sea battle going when one guy from another ship swam to ours while we were on the cannons and took us out and stole the treasure lol....definitely a great teamwork game

156d ago
moldybread156d ago

"Not surprise if true. I don't think Crackdown 3 will release this year either"

are you going to get them if they do come this year?

ShadowKnight156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

On PC but I'm more interested in Crackdown though

moldybread156d ago

"On PC but I'm more interested in Crackdown though"

good, i look forward to you actually talking about the games

Razzer156d ago Show
Fist4achin156d ago

It just keeps drifting away!

I really hope it doesn't go the way of scalebound. I'm really upset about Xbox one's game lineup.

MoonConquistador156d ago

So are MS. Just that you can't do anything about it. They can but it would appear that they choose not to address it.

LordJamar156d ago

my god stop with the scalebound crap

LackTrue4K156d ago

Wouldn't be surprise of these games got canceled too.

mark_parch156d ago

there is no way these games are getting cancelled. trust me. i'm in the sea of thieves alpha and they could easily have a game ready for release later this year and then keep adding to it like minecraft for example but i hope they just bring it out in 2018 when it's a complete game

XanderZane156d ago

Very doubtful. Sea of Thieves being more of a MMO, they could still get it released at the end of the year and steadily add more content to it throughout 2018 and beyond. I think Crackdown 3 is further along then people think. That game will probably launch with the Scorpio.

dumahim156d ago

I bet people thought the same thing about Fable Legends.

mark_parch156d ago

i'm pretty confident we will see crackdown 3 this year but no chance of sea of thieves

Mystogan156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Nah, I see no reason why Crackdown 3 won't be released this year.
They haven't shown much, but from what we've seen the core Crackdown gameplay was already there.
It was probably delayed because of server structure I'm guessing. They need everything to work on day one.

sea of thieves on the other hand. We've seen 1 video every week for months now and it still Looks very barebones. They recently added resource management. which should add some depth.
That said this is just Alpha, Maybe they are holding tons of content back.

But i'll see how much the gameplay holds this game up tomorrow. I got invited in the alpha, and I have to say I'm excited.


OH NO!!!!!!!!! but those were the most expected games of all time!

Obviously they weren't but for a starved xbot, those suddenly became the most coveted games!

155d ago
frostypants155d ago

By the time Crackdown 3 comes out it'll be Scorpio-only and all that cloud stuff will be unnecessary.

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Imp0ssibl3157d ago

Scorpio won't matter at all if there are no exclusive games....What are you doing, Microsoft?

156d ago
FallenAngel1984156d ago

It won't have exclusives since it's an iterative console 😑

WeAreLegion156d ago

He means Xbox, in general, won't sell without exclusives. So, Scorpio is screwed.

XanderZane156d ago

If you say so....

Phil: "We’re gonna have games only released on the PC. We’re gonna have games only released on console. And PC gaming is critically important to the company.”"

Utalkin2me156d ago


Ahhhh....People falling for more PR talk. Dont talk just do. There is alot of things MS said and did a 180 on. But hey as long as the wave something shiny in your face, you forget.

343_Guilty_Spark156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Why don't you wait til damn E3. While you do that I'll be waiting for the Pro to get true 4k/60. I think we know who will be waiting longer.

SpaceRanger156d ago

"Why don't you wait til damn E3."

That's all we hear EVERY year!

"While you do that I'll be waiting for the Pro to get true 4k/60. I think we know who will be waiting longer."

Yeah we definitely know who will be waiting always YOU will. Thanks for reminding us.

aconnellan156d ago


"That's all we hear EVERY year!"

That's because every E3, MS announces a bunch of new games, some being new IP, some being console exclusive. Yet every year they get ignored because it doesn't fit the narrative that they don't have any games

156d ago
LackTrue4K156d ago

The yearly Xbox owner war cry.

"Wait for E3!!"

Kun_ADR156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

@SpaceRanget "Thats all we hear EVERY year!"

Weren't most of the games that they revealed during E3 got released? Why do you pretend that they never release any games after their E3 showing?

Critic4l_Strik3156d ago

Ill be playing lots of exclusive and 3rd party games on the PS4 while you wait for some games to show up

gangsta_red156d ago


"That's all we hear EVERY year"

Maybe because every year there's an E3.

trooper_156d ago

Wait till E3.
-no new games are announced-

Wait till next E3!

Do you guys ever get tired of saying that?

Z501156d ago

Isn't it sad that people have to wait til E3 every year?
Been hearing "Wait til E3" since January.

156d ago
Utalkin2me156d ago


You still have stuff from E3 3 years ago thats not even out or got canceled. When will you people get it...

MorpheusX156d ago (Edited 156d ago )



How many E3's do you think the XB1 userbase should wait on? Its been 3 so far....

smh, damn moron.

CaptainObvious878155d ago

I guess that means you already have a PS4 Pro and never bought the underpowered xbone, since power is apparently so important to you.

You can keep waiting if you like, but I'm playing games right now.

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morganfell156d ago


Apparently he had one nerve and you were on it. All you did was make an extremely valid point. I would like to know what they are doing. I still have 3 MS consoles in this house that are dormant. Or at least I would like to believe they are dormant and not dead. But with everything available on my PC, mere dormancy seems unlikely.

mark_parch156d ago

what like crackdown 3, state of deacy 2, motorsport 7, tacoma, below, cuphead and at least one other unannounced game and that's if sea of theives doesn't release this year

156d ago
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ccgr156d ago

Better late and fixed than early and broken

yomfweeee156d ago

Like Quantum Break. Worth the wait..... not.

156d ago
LordofYogurt156d ago

Quantum Break is actually really good

KenichiEbina156d ago

That 5hr game is not $60 good. I'd rather watch that abysmal experience on youtube.

mark_parch156d ago

quantum break is a good game you should try it

Kun_ADR156d ago

Or like Drive Club...wait that was a super duper great game.

XanderZane156d ago

No Man's Sky wasn't worth the wait either. Neither was The Order 1886. DriveClub? Nope.. not worth the wait or the $60. Don't act like XBox is the only platform that gets exclusives that aren't worth the money or the wait. PS4 had plenty of those as well and so did Nintendo. Quantum Break wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. Not worth $60 though. I agree with that. NMS isn't even worth $40.

Kribwalker156d ago

Or the last guardian. Totally worth the 10 year wait.......smh

Utalkin2me156d ago


After all the issues the game had. Sony stuck it out for the fans and released it. MS wouldn't do the same.

Liqu1d156d ago

@Kribwalker How do you know TLG wasn't worth the wait? You haven't even played the game.

Kribwalker155d ago

Have most of the people on here played quantum break? Or are they just going of the metacritic of 77 vs TLG 82?

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MrSec84156d ago

Seems like Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 will be Microsoft's Q3/4 2017 games, if Sea of Thieves is still in Alpha but Beta is a ways off it's likely a 2018 release.
Maybe SoT will come out by May 2018.

Cuphead is supposed to be Mid 2017, so maybe that will get a release date soon.

Gaming4Life1981156d ago

I want all the games you mentioned but i really want cuphead, just release the game already and the same for below. They clearly showed these games off way too early but im looking forward to them all.

I hope sea of thieves makes it out this year looks very interesting.

Gh05t156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Cuphead isnt the same game that was shown though. I mean Cuphead had an initial date in 2014 then 2015, then 2016... I just really wish they would have released the original boss battle game... i dont think what they are doing is going to make it better, but we will see whenever it finally comes out. This was one of the indie games I have wanted for 3 years now.

155d ago
mark_parch156d ago

ive still got fingers crossed for below releasing this year