Ars Technica: de Blob de Lights on the iPhone (Review)

Ars technica writes: "It seems like games which involve tilting to roll a ball around the screen are the way to go when it comes to creating iPhone and iPod Touch software. Between Super Monkey Ball, Labyrinth, Spore Origins, and countless other titles, there's no shortage of ball-tilting action. Nevertheless, THQ's de Blob caught my eye almost immediately after picking up a Touch recently. THQ's Wii title turned App Store release looked to be a simple port at first, but surprisingly the game plays wonderfully.

de Blob involves navigating a small blob around the screen by tilting it (or touching the screen in the direction that you want to go). The world is a colorless place in the game, and it's up to you to roll the blob over smaller color balls before painting the town red, literally. The drab landscape that you navigate can be colored by grabbing a color ball and then ramming into the environment. The buildings that you hit are painted with the color that your blob currently is. The goal, then, is to color as much of the world as possible before time runs out."

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