Akiba’s Beat Preview: Play That Beat Down | Fextralife

Emergence at Fextralife writes, "The JRPG seems like a genre that has faded into obscurity, but in reality it’s still thriving in its own circles. With the recent release of Persona 5 and several other upcoming games, the genre is persisting with its unique and quirky core intact. The Akiba series is one of the newer in the genre, with 2011 Akiba’s Trip which released on the PSP in Japan, giving rise to a full worldwide sequel Akiba’s Trip 2 on the PS4, PS3 and Vita in 2014. The series has been a bit of a beat em up focus with some more risque elements, but spawned a devoted following which has given rise to a full RPG spinoff, called Akiba’s Beat which takes the series into a new musical thematic and much less risque territory, with a heavy focus on the traditional JRPG elements the genre is known for."

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