5 Wii and Wii U Games That Need to Be Ported to the Nintendo Switch

The first set of Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch games has been released.

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its_JEFF369d ago

that yellow Switch is looking pretty hot RN! Not an overly bright yellow, just right. All you Switch owners are gonna be dropping some dough on these special editions.

FunAndGun369d ago

I'm not in the market for a Switch, but that yellow is hot!

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Razzer369d ago

Zak and Wiki would be awesome on Switch, imo.

Travis3708369d ago

That's a terrible list! IMO
I want
Skyward Sword
Mario galaxy
Paper Mario color splash
Hyrule Warriors

Gambloid369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Agreed. I didn't pickup many games for the wii u. So hopefully we'll see some decent ports for the switch.

MMOBytes369d ago

or switch games that need to be ported to the WiiU. Near same hardware.

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Ra3v3r369d ago


Fast RMX
I am Setsuna
Mr Shifty
Graceful Explosion Machine
Snake Pass
Shovel Knight
1-2 Switch
Jackbox Party 3
World of Good
Several Neo Geo ports
Has Been Heroes
Lego City Undercover
Little Inferno
Human Resource Machine
Blaster Master Zero

And that's just the EU store.

gbsrnctaln369d ago

Uff....that is a sad list of games

wonderfulmonkeyman369d ago (Edited 369d ago )


Maybe to someone who's narrow-minded enough to let their entire gaming life revolve solely around the latest AAA third party, no matter how overhyped it turns out to be.

For open-minded gamers, however, there's a lot of games to love there.

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Mexxan369d ago

Porting will damage the SWITCH. New ip's or fresh titles from the staples.
I don't want the first couple of years to be filled with 2-3 old games like now.

_-EDMIX-_369d ago

orrrrr both.

Wii got ports too bud, so did Wii U.

Switch will be fine with ports.

They will get both. This isn't an either or

wonderfulmonkeyman369d ago

First time in a while we're on the same page.
Squeenix and Bandai-Namco, at least, are going to be good about bringing interesting titles to Switch, both new and old.

GordonKnight369d ago

Didn't hurt the X1 or PS4. They could've done more with MK8, but I'm excited to play that game one the go like MK7.

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