Nintendo shares are up 20% since the launch of the Switch

Nintendo shares have risen 20% since the Switch launched, and analysts believe it will go much higher this year.

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EddieNX 62d ago

Of course they are, Switch will eclipse 60M

Brazz62d ago

Yeah, i agree, i alson think Switch will be at 50-60M units sold, but i alson think that at this time we are going to have PS5 in the market and the Ps4 will be at 100-110M mark.
I even dare to say, Switch have a good chance to eclipse X1 sales.

Erik735762d ago (Edited 62d ago )

60 minimum, dont think any Nintendo console sold less than that with Pokemon RPG behind it.

Outselling the ps4 compared to its launch in Japan too so dont expect it to be to far behind it if it doesnt outsell it in lifetime sales.

We havn't even seen the big games from Nintendo. Those sales will be mind blowing

browngamer4161d ago

Pretty sure the Switch will easily eclipse X1 sales, they're not that good..

Razzer62d ago

That would be awesome, but I'm going to temper my expectations. Nintendo has got to pull in the third parties. I definitely think they can.

Nu62d ago

Nintendo needs a break. Here's hoping Switch is successful for them.
e3 should be interesting.

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Razzer62d ago

Awesome. Hope Nintendo knocks this one out of the park. Switch is already a winner in my book and I've only had it 3 days.

Time to jump on board, devs!

Testfire62d ago

Awesome! Glad to see more people around here becoming adopters of this great system. I play it every day!

Erik735762d ago

It will outsell ps4's lifetime sales

ZeekQuattro62d ago

In Japan its a given but probably not globally.

Razzer62d ago

That will be difficult.