McDonald's is giving away 100 MK8 & Switch bundles

Get yourself some french fries or other McDonald's food and have a chance at winning a Switch & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

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RosweeSon366d ago

100 for US... U.K gets 3 😢😩

TheUndertaker85366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Consider this still.

There's fifty states in the United States. A hundred between those fifty states is two per state.

Not justifying three for the U.K. btw. Just saying there's a different way to think about it rather than three versus a hundred.

In contrast also Taco Bell had 3,360 PSVRs to give away then six thousand Gold PS4s. That was just for the United States. There was also a Pizza Hut Xbox One promotion which saw 1,160 prizes. 103 Switches between two countries is paltry.

RosweeSon366d ago

Haha yeah I appreciate US is on a much bigger scales it's what 500 million? Compared to 70 million ish in U.K but 3 😩 More chance of getting struck by lightning then 😉🤓

ImGumbyDammit366d ago

@RosweeSon Thanks but the US is not quite that big you think. You added an additional 170 million people to our population than we actually have. We are around 330 million. And UK is around 65 million.

Overall, I think it actually has more to do drive up sales. Like Microsoft, even though McDonalds is also a world wide company, a predominant amount around revenue, 50%, still happens from US sales. And those sales have been dropping much more in the US than the rest of the world this past year. There are only 1300 McDonalds in the UK vs 15,000 (give or take a few hundred) in the US. You actually have more Costa coffee shops than McDonalds.

Fascinating fact: President Trump doesn't own a McDonald's but your Queen does (Bath Road Shopping Park).

TheUndertaker85365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Still fails to explain why the U.K. is allocated 3% of what the United States gets for prizes yet the U.K. population is a lot more than 3% of the United States.

Though Trump does explain that I suppose. We can pretend to play nice with the rest of the world yet constantly put ourselves above everybody and everything else.