Here are 5 good reasons to ditch your current console and upgrade to Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro are part of a new trend in gaming which refreshes hardware in the middle of the generation. While PlayStation 4 Pro may have received a lukewarm reception from gamers due to low sales figures, Project Scorpio hopes to appeal to the same crowd by offering enhanced functionality and higher resolutions. However, why would any gamer want to purchase Project Scorpio or upgrade from an existing Xbox One? We discuss some of the main reasons below.

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gangsta_red331d ago

The only way im getting one is if i get a 4k TV. Other than that there really isnt a point.

Unless MS has some type of huge surprise for that only the scorpio can do. If not then i can definitely put this on the wait until later list.

rando 331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

graphics =/= resolution. Scorpio will still look better than current consoles on a 1080p TV, in the same way that an Xbox 360 still looks much better than a PS2 on a 480p Standard-def TV. same thing.

gangsta_red331d ago

It may look better but the differences for me arent really much of an incentive to go out and purchase one right away.

Especially since every game is still playable on X1 and Scorpio.

4Sh0w331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Gangsta I hear you and I agree, if you got a X1 and only a 1080p tv there's probably not enough difference that you need a Scorpio. Since I have 4K TV's and want to get the most out of my Xbox games past & future its a no brainer for me.
"Yo but that 4K tho!"

TheCommentator331d ago

The games could look drastically different on Scorpio, even in 1080p, because of the 4K assets, supersampling, better LOD, and higher framerates. We'll have to see what MS says about 1080p on Scorpio though.

mikeslemonade331d ago


Here is what's the problem with your argument people act like the Scorpio is already out and ignoring the ps pro was out 1 year earlier.

Bronxs15331d ago

I think it will have some features yet to be announced.

Disagree with you about the difference not being worth it. I think the difference at 1080 p but having more graphical effects. Like higher detailed texture / shadows. Better draw distance. Solid frame rate and faster loading are bigger differences to me than the bump from just going from 1080p to 4K.

Dunno if u were serious or if it was just a Scorpio downplay on your part.

JasonKCK330d ago

Sorry but 1080p standard settings (Xbox One) vs 1080p max settings (Scorpio) would in fact show a huge difference in graphics (See PC). A maxed out 1080p 60fps is better than 1080p 60fps at medium or low settings.

Utalkin2me330d ago

I can give more reasons why i wont.

RosweeSon330d ago

Needs some games to make it worth it tho really sure everything will look a lil better but get some games built for the tech and your on to a winner 360 games were not built for 4K. Xbox need a massive E3 and games galore.

Christopher330d ago

I think a more fitting expression is graphics =/= gameplay. Games on all systems will play the same, so if you are buying the new hardware it's primarily just for graphics, and if that's not of interest to you, no need to upgrade. Until games stop becoming available on PS4/XBO, I have no plans to upgrade to a new version of the different consoles.

4Sh0w330d ago


How dies talking about Scorpio imply that its already out or they we're ignoring ps4pro? Xbox fans have known about Scorpio since before the pro launched, NOW the specs have been recently finalized so Xbox fans are discussing what it will do for Xbox games....or are we not allowed to do that?

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Bigpappy331d ago

It will also have more single player games at 60fps.

zivtheawesome330d ago

probably not because that the cpu increase is rather minimal, it could definitely do native 4k but for a framerate bump you also need the cpu to support it.

Kingthrash360330d ago

Lol you know nothing Jhon snow.
I don't think a single game will have a fps advantage.
Go do your homework.

Septic331d ago

Yeah for all the talk about the BEAST I'm not really going to be that excited if I don't have a 4k tv.

I really hope we see fps improvements and some added graphical touches to Scorpio versions of games.

Scorpio is still being anchored by the X1 so it's restricted in that sense.

I hope devs are bolder and don't just focus on 4K native but instead focus on frame rate and added visuals. A bit like Little Nightmares is on Pro

Eonjay331d ago

4k TV are much more affordable now but if you are getting one to game, the good models will still hurt your wallet.

Also, and this is me, but my TV still works just fine so I can't justify the cost.

IamTylerDurden1330d ago

It's funny u are praising the Pro version of Little Nightmares. I swear, i was excited when i saw that the game was 1080p 30fps on PS4 and 1620p 60fps on PS4 Pro. Ppl always say they want more games improving to 60fps yet what was meant to be a feel good article about the great job Tarsier did (on the Pro version) ended up becoming a cesspool of trolls. I'm honestly shocked anyone agreed with any of the comments Boomtube1987 made and i'm surprised they weren't all marked.

I'd honestly expect to see fps improvements (on Scorpio) in line with the fps improvements on PS4 Pro considering their CPUs are so similar.

Scorpio - 2.3ghz jaguar.

PS4 Pro - 2.1ghz jaguar.

Even though ppl call the Pro and Scorpio CPUs a bottleneck, ppl need to realize that for the most part games this gen are heavily GPU based.

Eonjay331d ago

I had the same reaction to the PS4 Pro

LexHazard79331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Fair enough. But theres definitely an upside for 1080p gamers...

The PS4 Pro downsamples. But the base PS4 is already pretty powerful that you hardly notice much change on the Pro version of games on 1080p.
There will be huge difference on Scorpio whether 1080p or 4K

331d ago
gangsta_red331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

I guess I should also say price is a huge factor too.

If Scorpio is expensive then it will definitely have to wait until much later.

331d ago
Ulf331d ago (Edited 331d ago )


Try playing some PS3 games at 480p, and compare to the 720p version. The 480p version will look better than you might think, thanks to the same kind of downsampling.

Bathyj331d ago

For me it was reverse. I got a pro and then though F this, I'm getting 4kTV.

himdeel330d ago

Yep. I got a pro then a 4k tv. So if I got a Scorpio I'm good to see all the joy.

RosweeSon330d ago

Even then it's a stretch being as handful of Xbox games warrant 4K they couldn't get get 1080 at launch now it's 4K but still no games... 360 games ain't gonna be running 4K and even if they did 😩🙄 new games big new experiences and most importantly some quality not yearly churn quantities

Christopher330d ago


Also, why would I ditch any other console? Why not just have other consoles + XBO or Scorpio?

330d ago
XanderZane330d ago

That's understandable, but the Scorpio will have improvements for XB1 and XBox 360 games that will show on a regular 1080P HDTV as well. As long as I have the money, it'll be Day One for me. I'm still waiting for the PS4 Pro though. I know the price will drop and there will be some nice bundles this holiday.

Project Scorpio doesn’t need a finicky PlayStation 4 Pro-like Boost Mode to offer benefits to gamers who play existing Xbox One titles which aren’t patched for the console. Many Xbox One games feature dynamic resolution so expect those titles to run at 1080p where they would’ve been 900p on the old device. Apart from that, the console features better anisotropic texture filtering. Lastly, it will load Xbox One games faster due to its incredible memory bandwidth. These are tangible benefits which should be noticeable to all gamers. The copious amount of power should also help stabilize frame rates."

IamTylerDurden1329d ago

U are ridiculous. Boost mode is the same as what Scorpio will do.

Mystogan330d ago

You don't need 4K to see the benefits. Like someone said. Resolution != graphics.
A 1080p scorpio game will look miles and miles better than a 1080p xbox one or PS4 pro game.

SarcasticDuck330d ago

i've heard Scorpio can walk your dog while you stay home playing. Is that reason enough for you to buy it?

vegasgamerdawg330d ago

Didn't read the article did you? Just came in here to declare what you're not getting? It improves a lot of xbox one games resolution and screen tearing without a patch. It uploads 4k video too, some people mind find that useful.There are many other reasons to get one with a 1080p, unless you're speaking for yourself, then say so.

gangsta_red330d ago first acknowledge that "I'm declaring what I'm not getting", then you ask if im speaking for myself and then tell me to say so..!?!

Pretty damn sure you already established that in your second sentence of your reply that yes, i was speaking for myself.

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tyasia0331d ago

PS4Pro low sales figures? Want to talk about low sales figures how about we talk about the console that's getting outsold 3:1 month after month.

But anyways there has been very little sales data and what we have seen says PS4Pro is about 30-35% of sales. Now there isn't a lot of history for mid cycle consoles but given the fact there is a cheaper option and they both play the same games that seems pretty good to me.

AspiringProGenji331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

It is pretty good because Pro is not a PS4 replacement. It is an option. Scorpio will be just the same and wont outsell anything

nitus10331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

The article states that "While PlayStation 4 Pro may have received a lukewarm reception from gamers due to low sales figures." Numbers would be a useful arguing point here but so far I have not seen the numbers.

At this moment in time, the total sales of the Scorpio to date are zero you really can't get much lower than that before going into negative numbers.

fiveby9330d ago

Ps4 Pro may suffer in sales only cuz of significant market penetration already with PS4. How many Ps4 owners upgrade to Ps4 Pro? It's not like the entire user base has done that. Scorpio will likely suffer from adoption rate issues for the first year as a vast majority of the install base also has 1080p sets. Many fans are pinning their hopes on Scorpio to turn things around completely for MS. It has to be a long term play to stay relevant. The other significant variable here is games lineup. They need to give existing X1 owners a reason to stick with them. This may help. But if MS expects to win over PC gamers as well, I am doubtful that will happen in large numbers. And if the price is $500 or more, don't expect initial adoption rate to be off the charts. It will continue to take several years if not longer for MS to crawl back from their disastrous X1 launch. It's difficult to change the tides and clearly the tide has been in Sony's favor for years now

himdeel330d ago

I didn't upgrade to a Pro until after I sold my base PS4. And I wasn't going to upgrade until I could get rid of a PS4.

AspiringProGenji331d ago

Not even PS4 Pro has made me ditch my Uncharted PS4. It is quiet, nice looking, and still got juice to deliver amazing experiments like Horizon Zero Dawn. Sorry but you'll need more than a buffed Xbox One to make me ditch my PS4

ShottyatLaw331d ago

I traded my launch PS4 in for the Vader SE in 2015. That's staying in my collection forever. The Pro was not enough of an upgrade for me to get rid of it.

My day one X1, though? If MS offers an aggressive trade in program like I expect, I think I'm trading it in this Fall for a Scorpio.

331d ago
ShottyatLaw331d ago

Got a decent PC, but it's in my home office. I upgraded my TV in the game room to 4k, but not my monitors, yet. I'm also stuck behind a PC all day at work so I gravitate to my consoles 90% of the time.

I'm going to be due for a full rig upgrade soon, but I might hold off if I can get a good deal on a Scorpio.

To each their own, though. If you can only own one system, PC is the way to go IMO.

343_Guilty_Spark331d ago

I ditched it after I saw I could get a Pro for $50 more.

Bronxs15331d ago

Sorry but that's just it. By all accounts Scorpio isn't just a buffed up Xbox one. It's why digital foundry was so amazaded. It's why ms was so confident to show. It's why there is more excitement around Scorpio than there was around PS4 pro. It's why People wonder and debate if it's a new gen system or not!

AspiringProGenji331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

It is just a more powerful Xbox One. It won't have exclusives. Whatever other thing it does apart from 4K it doesn't matter much if it will be playing the same games as Xbox One at higher specs. But I have no doubt MS will go all out with Scorpio so they can restart again

Bronxs15331d ago

Salty disagrees. Y'all need to be carful with your blood pressure right now.

DarXyde330d ago

The excitement around Scorpio and Pro is difficult to compare. One was revealed and released a month and a half later while one has been hyped since last E3 while drip feeding information. Which do you expect would garner curiosity?

By the way, the whole "debate" is not a good thing. At all. People believing it to be an iteration of the Xbox One are probably going to respond comparably to the Pro. And those believing it to be be new hardware entirely are likely either excited or a bit ruffled at the idea of a new box so soon.

The thing is, it's both. It may not be Microsoft's "next gen console" and it may not feature exclusives (VR withstanding), but I still view it as a product with an identity crisis. You stuff it to the brim with power and it won't really be able to capitalize on it with exclusives. Is its power just to say, "we can run the best version of multiplatform games" and VR/HoloLens? And even if they provided Scorpio exclusives, I don't know how that would blow over. At this point, they NEED a trade in program.

I don't mean to be a Debbie downer. I want Microsoft to remain competitive so the industry can go forward and push each other towards consumer satisfaction. I think Pro has a far clearer vision. It was announced the same day as the Slim so there's zero confusion regarding your options. It's also not so powerful that developers are being blue-balled by the idea of what they could do with games if made exclusively.

That said, I own a launch PS4, and don't see myself buying a Pro (unless my PS4 dies; if my Xbox dies, I won't be replacing it since I don't play it often). It's not for me and neither is Scorpio. Not here to take away from the excitement of these machines, but I really don't see the use of this article.

Bronxs15330d ago

“The excitement around Scorpio and Pro is difficult to compare”
Why is it difficult to compare excitement around pro and scorpio? Because there is more excitement around scorpio? It’s actually easy to compare them, and the differences are pretty clear.

“one has been hyped since last E3 while drip feeding information.”
Disagree with you there, they announced scorpio at last years e3, and we just got the first news now. What drip feed are you talking about? there was one off hand comment from a 343 dev that it was more beefier than expected. I don’t know if you were privy to some inside information we didn’t get or you just ate up all the speculation articles from sites like gaming bolt or something, but we were not drip fed anything.

Fact of the mater is pro released to little fan fare, the reveal even was awful with cerny standing there talking about checker boarding. The only thing exciting wasn’t actually even related to the pro it was the bit of news we got that insomniac is making a spider man game.

It’s only recently since the DF reveal that scorpio excitement has been generated. The excitement around scorpio and all the pursuing articles these days is not because it was mentioned at e3 last year and revealed on a gaming website this year. People are excited at scorpio right now because it’s pretty much better than anyone expected. even DF were surprised. We are surprised that MS tested every single xbox one game on it. And every game looks better, runs better across the board. And even every 360 game as well. They all load faster. There are benefits to be seen on 1080p and 4k tvs. Scorpio is running xbox one games in 4k 60fps after 2 days of porting and only 70% cpu usage. It didn’t’ matter if this was released by IGN or GAMESPOT or a MS event. People are excited at the specs and potential of this machine. Also at the work MS put in with it’s design, the customizations made, DX12 in hardware, differing voltages being supplied to different components in the hardware. And things like this being the first time a system was designed around current game engines as apposed to a company just making hardware and devs making engines to run on said hardware.

Bronxs15330d ago

“By the way, the whole "debate" is not a good thing. At all. People believing it to be an iteration of the Xbox One are probably going to respond comparably to the Pro. And those believing it to be be new hardware entirely are likely either excited or a bit ruffled at the idea of a new box so soon”

Disagree again. People believe it is an iteration because it is. But a significant one. I have a ps4 and no desire for ps4 pro. I have a xbox one and really want scorpio. Why is that? Ms’s mid gen update looks to be a more compelling upgrade than sony’s. period. Does sony’s add uhd blu ray? Does sony’s load games faster and make every game run better even with a specific patch? does sony's system make every game look better on a 1080p tv? does pro support bleeding edge features like freesync to eliminate screen teering? etc.Nope but scorpio does. As for people believing it to be new generation that’s their own fault. The information about what scorpio is is easily available.

“You stuff it to the brim with power and it won't really be able to capitalize on it with exclusives”
You nor I have any idea how much better the games will look or perform. So to say it won’t capitalize on the power available is premature. Have you played a PC game and looked at the difference between mid/high settings and ultra settings? I don’t know if it’ll be that good or not, but you again seem to be privy to information since your already claiming it won’t capitalize on power and ms jammed it more ram and processing power for no reason.

“I think Pro has a far clearer vision.”
I think the visions are clear for each product. You may find sony’s clearer but it’s less ambitious. Please there are lengthy articles on gamasutra in which spencer clearly lays out the vision for scorpio. It isn’t just to have the most powerful hardware, it’s to take the advantages of pc gaming over to consoles while keeping what is great about console gaming. It’s also about mending their relationships with developers and making xbox the best platform to make games on. Whether they succeed or not on that vision is a different matter, but calling it not clear is just choosing to ignore whats been said on the matter.

“. It [ps4 pro] was announced the same day as the Slim so there's zero confusion regarding your options.”
Are you really confused by the addition of scorpio to xbox’s line up of devices? You can buy a one s and play xbox games or buy a xbox scorpio and play xbox games with better graphics and performance. One is cheaper one cost more… ohhhhh the confusionnnnn helppppp

DarXyde329d ago


They're difficult to compare because the hype was handled very differently. Consequently, it's hard to compare. Not rocket science. Scorpio was announced at E3 which is a sizable platform to do so. Sony held a small conference to announce, reveal, and provide a date the same day. There's no mystery. There is with Scorpio. Again, not that comparable. The countless articles talking about what it could be (the speculation, as you mention), Spencer mentioning on occasion things about how it's not the next Xbox, Microsoft execs on how it would be the most powerful console of all time, include a "future proof" HDMI port. Microsoft themselves are feeding into the hype; they basically acknowledge it with that tweet about 2017 being the year "the beast" is released when calling it that was the byproduct of, you guessed it, the hype articles and speculation you appear to be disregarding. Say what you will, the hype had an entire year to incubate and it's been ongoing. It was to generate buzz and I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft themselves scheduled interviews at regular intervals to keep sustained interest. Pro "releasing to little fanfare" should give you some indication of what's going to happen with Scorpio: it looks better, but a cheaper alternative is available that plays the same games. I don't see Scorpio suddenly winning over the masses beyond it's launch window.

Next, you talk about people buying a Scorpio for your reasons. Just so you're not crushed, the average consumer doesn't care about a lot of the things you listed. Freesync? Faster load times (which really isn't even an issue on the standard hardware)? UHD Blu-ray playback really helped Microsoft maintain strong momentum, huh? Truth is, you're basically talking about things that PC gamers care more about. Unless your PC is outdated or you're one of those people who see power as the solution (spoiler alert: it's not a replacement for software), who's going to buy it? I'm pretty sure it's not going to be the commercial success you're hoping it is for some reason. Pro isn't worth the upgrade for me, and I own a 4K display and love the PlayStation offering. Frankly, I think Sony could really undercut Scorpio by just dropping the price on the current models. By the way, DF like Pro as well, mentioning that it's very impressive that the GPU does well in punching above its weight. Doesn't matter.

DarXyde329d ago

I'll end with this: you and I clearly will not agree. If I cared enough, I'd address all of your points comprehensively, but what good is there in that? I will not convince you as you will fail to convince me. Let's agree to disagree. I just wanted to address the first few points, but I will not be revisiting this conversation, mate.


Bronxs15329d ago


Funny as I was reading your post I was thinking the same thing that we need to agree to disagree.

Although it's not all disagrees. I agree with you on some things. Like Sony undercutting them badly. That seems like a good possibility.

I guess time will tell. What's our major contention? I guess I'm buying into the Scorpio hype thinking it'll be awesome for games while your more cool on it?

Well i honestly don't know if ms will success with this product and capture their previous success / market share or mindshare with gamers. I don't know. But I kinda hope they do, I like seeing the two companies compete for our dollars.

I liked Sony whopping ms's butt. It's made ms step up their game. If ms was leading in sales I doubt we'd see backward compatibility come to Xbox one. Or other pro consumer changes like the new digital game refund or things like removing Netflix from behind the gold paywall.

So let's agree to disagree for now and let time settle it for us.

Ps. With regards to you comment about the average consumer not being excited about specs or hdmi etc. I wasn't ever really referring to them. I was speaking about myself and the others here on the site that are excited. I think those are the things exciting to us. We on this site are clearly gaming enthusiasts. We love this stuff!

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XanderZane328d ago

Why would you ditch your PS4. I'm not ditching my PS4 either, but I'm still getting a Scorpio and a PS4 Pro. No one has to ditch any game console they already own to get a Scorpio. I', definitely not. I'll still have my original Xbox One as well.

False. .. but you keep believing that. lol!!

"We’re gonna have games only released on the PC. We’re gonna have games only released on console. And PC gaming is critically important to the company.”

Most XB1 games will run better on Scorpio anyways because it will be optimized a lot better. The few XB1 games on PC don't run that great. Most PC games worth playing are coming to PS4 Pro & Scorpio. Only games I'd play on a PC are a few exclusive MMO's and maybe Star Citizen if it ever gets released.

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KionicWarlord222331d ago

Lot of great reasons here. 4K assets alone should be a reason. Im sure they will be noticeable even on 1080p tvs for people who are not ready to buy a 4K TV.

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