450° receiving major overhaul tomorrow

Microsoft has revealed that will be receiving "an ultimate transformation" tomorrow that "embodies the fusion of gaming and entertainment that Xbox represents."

We're not quite sure what exactly that means, but we'll be refreshing like crazy. We're also assuming it has something to do with the Xbox 360's autumn update.

The announcement came during today's revelation of Microsoft's new "Live Your Moment" advertising campaign, the company's single largest Xbox campaign investment to date that "reflects the evolution that Xbox is bringing to entertainment, to gaming, and to the way we play together."

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Flops "R" Us3439d ago

alright,what time should we expect the flop overhaul?

---------Nona-------3439d ago

Pigs cant tell time=thats why they cant answer your question!

Shaka2K63439d ago

I visit all the time on my Sony PS3 with a internet browser that is only possible with the power of the Cell.

xbug 3rd60 so crappy it cant even handle a internet browser that even the stupid nintendo ds has one Hahahahahahahaha!

Gam713439d ago

an internet browser thats only available with the power of the cell?

How bad must that browser be or underpowered is the cell.
My wii has opera on it. Doesn't need the cell.

My n95 has two internet browsers on it will get firefox when its released. Doesn't need the cell.

My 360 has a browser through wmc yet the ps3 needs teh cell?
What happens when the ps3 has to do something a bit more complicated?

Shroomy3439d ago

You just got served by gam, gg!

crapbox 3603439d ago

Its going to need more than an overhaul to fix that broken website.

GiantEnemyCrab3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Crapbox 360 Joined N4G 19 minutes ago View 100

Yup, here comes another account by Flops again add that to the F*ck My Anus account he made and is trying to say it's me.

I don't need to resort to that BS and most certainly wouldn't have just 4 bubbles.

Keep on cheating! It's all you got right now sitting in last place!

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pp3439d ago

Hahahahhaha it just keeps getting better and better Sony should give up on poo station 3 and stick to what they are good at making tv's

---------Nona-------3439d ago

Wasn't it you that messaged PT saying you wished you could play ps3 games on your xbox?

vitz33439d ago

Prepare for everything to be moved around and no new functionality added. Just like Vista.

Sorry I just have to play devil's advocate with everything.

Shroomy3439d ago

Another prat that never used Vista, how interesting!

chaosatom3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

I am not saying that's what Microsoft will do with 360.

But Vista is such a let down and hogs memory for no reason. And Microsoft is forcing people to upgrade because they won't offer XP machine.I know vista is more secure, but it's annoying so many ways, and introduces random features.

I can understand reason to defend xbox, because we haven't seen the update, but there is no reason to defend vista.

Shroomy3439d ago

Google "What can vista do that XP can't" and you'll find a lot of little nifty things that really make it worthwhile.

It doesn't "HOG" ram, it puts as much as it can to good use, Wasted Ram is bad Ram, if you start up an application it's gonna divert a majority to the app so it runs smoothly.

Vista is great, I don't see why it annoys anyone.

PS3Diablo3439d ago

Shroomy, I did what you said and typed "What can vista do that XP can't" in Google and the first result is "10 reasons not to get Vista", bizarre isn't it ? Anyway, site will flop I'm sure, it will ask you to install Silverlight and a bunch of other crapola that Microsoft invented and was not needed.

Shroomy3439d ago

Go figure, people always hate other things because it's probably better in the end up.

Death3439d ago

I like it. Maybe in a strictly gaming sense it hasn't done much, but over all it is a much friendlier UI. The Media Center capability/useability is much better than XP's. I also like Games for Windows along with the interface for accessing your games. I suppose many of these features could have been added in an XP service pack, but honestly, where do you draw the line?

My biggest gripe about Vista is that it is stil x86 compatable with previous PC software. I think this is what holds Windows back the most, but at the same time you get people with 15 year old scanners and printers that coplain when the new OS doesn't support their worthless crap.


joeynox3439d ago

I have 2 xp machines and 1 vista and my vista machine run great . Its a slower machine than my xp machines but seems to run vista extremely smooth.I love the added features but I dontthink it is a major upgrade.Xp was such a great improvement from me/2000 that xp to vista wasnt a huge jump. But I predict win 7 will be incredible

gaffyh3438d ago

wtf are you guys talking about xp and vista??? it has nothing to do with this story.

shelbygt333438d ago

I'll assume that you are someone who doesn't work a lot with Flash and Silverlight and therefore doesn't understand the differences between the two.

DevastationEve3438d ago

You have to really understand what a PC is in order for you to understand why Vista utilizes more memory. It's actually almost an identical in concept as virtualization. With virtualization the idea is to mazaimize use of the system's resources by taking on more work and running multiple operating systems in tandem as a way of providing independent systems to many clients/users. The same goes with memory cache in Vista, except think about the OS as the APP. As you load and unload programs, Vista tries to keep tabs on what you load and how often you do. It builds its prefetch folder with common programs and then superfetch gives the go ahead to start loading this programs in low priority to the system memory. That way, they're already in memory (or at least parts of it).

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badkolo3439d ago

im sure the cross invite and join will still work. ummm ummm

Flops "R" Us3439d ago

I'm a busy man,therefore a correct time listing of the flop overhaul would help tremendously

sit down droid3439d ago

it looks like you are a busy droid from were i am at. you have commmented on every article spreading your worthless soup

TheOtherGuy3439d ago

AWWW isnt that CUTE,pp got embarassed that pt revealed his message so he uses his OTHER account now XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Flops,SHOULD I or SHOULDN'T I????I'm ready to ROLL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sit down droid3439d ago

ok you go for it. i am gonna watch you flop.

and i am not ppr whatever his name is.

Gam713439d ago

flops "r" us?

are you seriously advertising the fact your a flop?
Do you want to remain single?

what next pe "is" me?

You should keep the fact you're limp quiet.

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