Gamedaily: Samba de Amigo Review

Gamedaily writes: "Years ago, Sega released the festive Samba de Amigo for the Dreamcast, a fun party game with its own set of customized maraca controllers. Now you can enjoy the fun on the Nintendo Wii, complete with downloadable content and a slew of new features.

In Samba de Amigo, you wield the Nunchuk and Wii remote like you would maracas. You have six circles on screen, colored red, yellow and green, positioned high, medium and low, with small circular dots passing through them. To score, you shake your hands in the required circles as the dots fly through the circles to keep up with a song's rhythm. On occasion, you'll need to pose for bonus points, holding your arms in certain spots. There are also plenty of wrist-shaking moments, like when you have to fling a maraca over your head or nail a string of dots in one continuous run."

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