10 Video Game Remakes That Showed How It Should Be Done

Twinfinite Writes: With so many game remakes coming in 2017, we take a look at a few from the past that showed how it should be done.

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Kramerica13367d ago

Not a big remake fan, but every once in a while somebody really does it right.

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septemberindecember366d ago

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence hardly constitutes a "remake".

SolidGear3366d ago

Agreed. Subsistence merely added new features and content. Not a remake at all.. more like a complete Edition.

JackTheLiz366d ago

Ratchet & Clank DID NOT do it right. I can't believe people actually gave it a pass. It ruined what made the original so special.

Phill-Spencer366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Wow. Imo the game is superb and indeed a blueprint how remakes should be done. It looks better than most current games yet still feels like the classic. I can't comprehend how a fan of ratchet and clank would dislike this masterpiece of a remake

spinnyjoy366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

>Literally 30% of the original game's levels removed (Orxon/Gemlik/Umbris/Hoven/Eud ora/Oltanis)
>New soundtrack is unmemorable, shit and inaudible over the constant dialogue and tutorials
>Story was pussified, kiddified, simplified, any other "ified" I can think of (the twist behind Drek's scheme and getting to actually see the effects of it on Orxon, Ratchet and Clank's friendship not being fully there at first replaced with a random archnemesis for Clank, Veldin being the target of the Deplanetiser, Ratchet and Clank's goal starting as looking for a hero to save the galaxy and eventually they become said hero, Qwark not being constantly coddled and sympathised, in the remake there's no casualties thus no tension when Novalis is destroyed, no giant Clank, no Clank's mom, I can go on)
>Continuity's fucked just to cram more Nefarious and Galactic Rangers in our faces (at least put Lawrence in if you're gonna put in Nefarious for the 20th time since in UYA he had Lawrence while he was organic in the Vidcomic flashbacks)
>Virtually all unique NPC designs replaced with Blarg and annoying Jar Jar-voice Fongoids

tl;dr I can't comprehend how a fan can eat from Insomniac's butt and lie that it's chocolate. The original may not look as good, and the gameplay a bit clunky and not fully realised since it was the first game, but it had more heart and balls put into it than your precious Disney Channel movie tie-in trash. "superb" U_R_Retarded.

Phill-Spencer365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Wow spinny you really got emotional, did you?^^ i hope you feel better now.
I respect your opinion and see the points you made but it imo the remake still stands as a superb game on it's own, with enough content, awesome classic gameplay and top notch visuals at a asking price of only 35 - 40€ ($ ?) at release.

spinnyjoy365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

"i can see the points you've made" LOL yet you clearly don't when I say literally 1/3 of the original game's levels were removed and you still go on to say there's "enough content", you mean like a whole 4-5 hours worth of gameplay? You know, instead of dismissing me as "emotional" you could, I dunno, actually list reasons the game is good as a counterargument instead of the back-of-the-box blanket shit you've been giving that anyone could say, or am I gonna have to do that for you too since you clearly can't think beyond that? Because I know for a fact there's things the remake does better, it's just not enough to make up for what they got wrong, speaking of which, I forgot one:

>Original= 60fps, remake= 30fps, sad when games on newer hardware have worse performance than games released 15 years ago, for a game with "top-notch visuals", sure doesn't look it in motion

GT67366d ago

Agree , was disappointed myself in the Reboot, no Battle arena stage.

DigitalRaptor366d ago

Still an amazing game.

You have the original to enjoy and reminisce over if you prefer what it offers.

Movefasta1993365d ago

ratchet and clank 1 and 2 and fuck it 3 were my fav ps2 games of all time so i am very intrested in picking up this new ratchet game.I heard some people love it and some that have played the original say it doesn't stay true to it.I am very intrested in playing this game one day. And hopefully they continue on from into the nexus,arguably the best ratchet game imo of it were a little longer.

KwokXi365d ago

Agreed, people that are disagreeing with you obviously never played the original. Here's an in depth (rather long) video discussing the downgrade of the remake.

Obviously the graphics are great and gameplay is solid, no one would say otherwise but it's far and away from being a remake of the original game.

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Einhander1971366d ago

Ratchet on PS4 is amazing, tell me exactly how it ruined the original. You were obviously playing something different.

JackTheLiz366d ago

Alright here it is.

1) They changed Ratchet's character development. In the original, he was abit of an ass, but started to change as events progressed, a dynamic character. In the remake he was portrayed as not at all like that, a character with very little flaws, almost static throughout the entire thing.

2) The plot doesn't feel exactly 'genuine'. The fact that they just had to stick in Dr. Nefarious proves that more. They didn't need to stick him in there, so why did they? To make it more 'modern'? To get more people to buy it knowing that 'fan favorite' Dr. Nefarious is in it? He's not a very good villain. (Not a fan of the character either tbh) Also, Drek had a more villainous nature in the original whilst he's taking backseat in the remake.

3) I absolutely hate the line of dialogue where Ratchet finds Clank and says "I'll call you...Clank," Seriously?!?

4) Hate the music. It's more of a personal preference thing, but I hate the modern orchestra sound the last games have gotten and prefer the sci-fi synth sounds of the original trilogy.

5) As part of this reboot, Insomniac had to incorporate the Space Rangers. The f***ing Space Rangers. Because apparently every modern game now has to have some kind of military organization to be commercial or popular nowadays thanks to the dudebro community. Speaking of which...

6) I forget the character's name but the one Space Ranger NPC who keeps barking orders like you're a complete idiot. "Ratchet, shoot the guards down!" "Clank, hurry up down there!" "Ratchet, cover for me." She is so f***ing annoying. This game treats you like you're dumb at points and I'm not a fan of that.

7) Insomniac keeps trying to make Captain Qwark 'likable'. Hahahahahahhahaha... I'm sure 99% of players found him annoying.

8) The Reboot had a pre-order bonus that as far as I know, you can't still get for a weapon. Remember the pre-order bonus for the PS2 one? Oh that's right, it didn't have one.

I could probably keep going if I have to bub.

Sm311M3Fart366d ago

I'm not saying it's a bad game but the original was much better. It's got a nice graphics and a better control but everything else i worse.
I almost fully agree with this option:

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