Ranking 22 'The Legend of Zelda' Games

From NES to Switch, Breath of the Wild to Majoras Mask - join ScreenCritics as we rank all the major (and minor!) Legend of Zelda offerings.

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Geobros332d ago

Yes, ALTTP is the best Zelda for me too. I liked much LBTW. Unfortunatley I have not played yet BOTW. Oracle of Zelda are great btw, I would love to see remake of those, nice story and difficult puzzles.

remixx116332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

botw is great and all but if your looking for a classic legend of Zelda experience then you won't find it in botw.

Botw is great for its exploration and physics, I mean were talking next level stuff but once you get used to all of it then it begins to tamper out and it kinda lacks that legend of Zelda magic.

Not tryna talk you outta the game its great but it's really lacking in its short pitiable 4 dungeons, absent music, lacking fragmented story, awful boss fights and the ai is boring except for lynels.

This game isn't like a link to the past or any traditional Zelda outside of the original so go into it with a different mindset. Think of it as a Zelda spinoff on an epic scale.

Also windwaker is my favorite followed by twilight princess.

332d ago
aziz96332d ago

Great List! I'm playing through A Link Between Worlds right now and I'm surprised how good it actually is .. But my favorite is Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past is a classic though.

brich233332d ago

I beat A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Majoras Mask. I have interest in the other Zeldas but havent really played them.

RufusvonBalsac332d ago

Spirit Tracks. Link to the Past.

Deathpreacher332d ago

22 great games i will never be able to pass