MGS4: "Fly Camo" OctoCamo Available for Download Via the EXTRAS Menu writes: A new download is available from the EXTRAS menu, it is a OctoCamo suit called...

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JustinSaneV23341d ago

I'm assuming that this is your blog Mr. Wiggles. If it is you might want to change "weather" to "whether". Just a heads up.

pp3341d ago

WOW do driods still play this crap

TheColbertinator3341d ago


Oh you mean droids.Make sure to edit that :)

PirateThom3341d ago

Still playing Gears of War and Halo 3?

Snake Raiser3341d ago

PP, get a life. I normally don't insult people... but you really are a troll.

pixelsword3340d ago

...yes; a great game can be played a long time, put down, and replayed.

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christian hour3341d ago

Its going to take more than new octocamo to make me come back to mgs4. I stopped playing a little while after getting my big boss rank. What an amazing game it was though. Shame it didn't have much replay value after 2-3 replays.

NegativeCreep4273341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I own the Limited Edition MGS4 strategy guide so I basically mastered each online map before I even fought in them.

christian hour3341d ago

Yeah trophies would definitely make me play mgs4 again... Although they'd want to be a creative bunch of trophies. I already played the game to death enough... And I never really got into the online portion of the game. As excited as I was for it, I found it too slowpaced to work. It all comes down to personal preferance in the end I guess. I've found myself playing games online less and less these days anyway. I barely play my 360 online anymore. And I cant for the life of me explain why :(

Snake Raiser3341d ago

I agree... Though I have played it 4 times and I know I will come back... I think trophies would be great.

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REDZEV3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

what about the "FLOP" camo??? or the "MOVIE" camo??? Oooops I forgot they already had that one. Last but not least how about the "Bargain Bin" camo???? ROFLA!!!

kimi_maro303340d ago

what about the infinite flop or the too flop Oooops I forgot they already had that one. Last but not least how about the "rrod" ROFLA!!!

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