Remedy Recounts Microsoft's Request To Remove 'Explicit Nudity' Texture From Quantum Break

Developers at Remedy Entertainment recently provided some memories about working on their most recent game, Quantum Break.

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XiNatsuDragnel395d ago

Remedy thanks for developing multiplatform.

freshslicepizza395d ago

you think sony and nintendo would support this?

XiNatsuDragnel395d ago

Senran Kagura, and DOA extreme volleyball 3 called. They want you to revoke that statement.

Liqu1d394d ago

The Order 1886 features male and female nudity.

Utalkin2me394d ago


Also God of War has nudity and does Heavy Rain

freshslicepizza395d ago

"Senran Kagura, and DOA extreme volleyball 3 called. They want you to revoke that statement."

and maybe you should add some context to your statement,

doa extreme,
"Hayashi said a version of the game "adjusted for North America" might come to the West if the demand is high enough. However, on November 24, 2015, Team Ninja posted on the franchise's Facebook page stating that they will not release the game in Western territories."

so tell me again how sony is supportive as is nintendo and dont give me that crap about what goes on in japan. remedy is not a japanese studio, both sony and nintendo know what is and what isn't acceptable in other regions.

XiNatsuDragnel395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Not in America in Japan. Nintendo announced Senran Kagura for switch. From memory with HD rumble it makes you feel like your feeling oppai.

Bunch of Senran Kagura which nudity or partial nude.

yeahright2394d ago

You know you don't HAVE to champion xbox ALL the time. You can just say "Oh that sucks" and move on. far less stressful than trying to come up with ways to justify or defend their actions and statements constantly.

freshslicepizza394d ago


this isn't about microsoft, its about cencorship and how both nintendo and sony have to appease to different markets as well. so when someone tries to point out microsoft is the odd man out i will correct them. its hard to sell games with an adult only rating attached to it and in the usa even if this game by remedy was on the switch or the ps4 both companies would also do the same thing.

Utalkin2me394d ago (Edited 394d ago )


You mean its just hard to sell Quantum Break period....Alot of games do well with a mature rating. If a game is good, mature rating doesn't matter so much. Very few parents pay attention to the rating on the box. I mean god of war shows nudity, Heavy Rain shows nudity, The Order shows nudity male and female. Just seems you're grasping at straws on this one.

Sam Fisher394d ago

Nah, if rockstar made an adult only gta or manhunt ppl would def get their hands on it, its borderline close to it anyways. But sincerely wish there was a manhunt adult only game.

PeaSFor394d ago

Hey Moldy, have you played God of War, Heavy Rain or Order1886?

all of them contain nudity, hell GOW:A even had multiples boobs sizes,

So.... what's your argument again?

Chevalier394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

God of War, Heavy Rain and The Order 1886 have nudity, in fact Order 1886 has male nudity as well. So what exactly are you ranting on about? The proof is there. Sony allows their developers creative freedom. Your an idiot if you think Sony would tell Remedy to remove anything after seeing the other releases by Sony themselves.

There's not even enough there to get an AO rating. Your truly grasping at straws for absolutely anything. Nintendo probably would make it an issue, but, based on previous Sony releases they shouldn't be part of this discussion.

freshslicepizza394d ago

The Witcher and Conan both have nudity too on Xbox but this is about explicit nudity and drug use. The fact that DOA extreme had to be censored on the PlayStation shows it's not just about Microsoft.

Chevalier394d ago


" this isn't about microsoft, its about cencorship and how both nintendo and sony have to appease to different markets as well. "

Your seriously grasping at straws. Idiotic. You blame Sony then you list a single example with DoA Extreme which had NOTHING to do with Sony at all! Tecmo Koei as a publisher decided what they needed to do to try to sell their own game. You make it seem like Sony made them do it, which is misleading. Get your facts straight if you got any even.

Seriously take a step back and stop your ridiculous rant. Face it MS screwed up and continue to, it has NOTHING to do with Sony or Nintendo. Yet here you are trying to defend the garbage that MS decide to do with this false narrative. Saying this is about censorship doesn't help either. Truly pathetic.

freshslicepizza394d ago

sony has censored many games, not sure why you guys are so upset over this. are people here really trying to suggest nintendo and sony would not have done the same?

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darthv72394d ago

Why are you thanking them for developing multiplatform? They been multiplatform for a long time.

Where you been?

Tussin187394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

Really? Where's their game for PS4? That's what he meant.

Tussin187394d ago

Yes, I really miss their games. Can't wait to see what they have for Playstation hopefully if the rumors are true.

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EatCrow394d ago

Not the first case of censorship in gaming. Has happened on every platform.

ILostMyMind394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

I came for "Explicit Nudity". Where is it?

TheCommentator394d ago

Here, let me show you my 🐔&⚽'s!

Or if you prefer, maybe seeing a 🐈 would be better?


ILostMyMind394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

Yes, pls! Don't hide me nothing.

TheCommentator394d ago

I like that you have a sense of humor, Ivan!

394d ago
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