GDC Goes Canadian, Eh?

Kombo writes: Being in Canada can suck sometimes. Sure, there's free health care, but you wind up paying more on a lot of goods, even when the dollar is the same, and all the fun gaming stuff happens in Japan or Leipzig or the west coast of the US... that is, until now. Finally, Canada has a gaming event of its own to look forward to as the Game Developers Conference hits Vancouver in May of 2009!

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wetowel3735d ago

booooo, bring it to toronto

LBD_Nytetrayn3734d ago

First China gets the Olympics, robbing us of Mario & Sonic in Toronto, now this. But at least this is a start, maybe something will happen over this way sometime.

HighDefinition3735d ago

Saying "Eh", is the equalivalant of the USs "you know what I`m sayin"

Not everyone says it, when people say "eh" to me, I say "b"

I catches people off guard.