UGO: Armored Core for Answer Review

UGO writes: "After our disappointing time with Armored Core 4, we didn't have high hopes for From Software's latest, Armored Core for Answer. Even in the hands of a new publisher – Ubisoft – we just couldn't conceive of any scenario in which the game's obscenely complex customization mechanic and similarly troublesome controls could be made palatable to the average non-fan. We were wrong. Oh what a difference an Armored Fort makes.

As the story goes, sometime in Earth's future society crumbles thanks to large-scale pollution. With the planet's surface virtually unlivable, the corporations of the world stepped in and built massive, airborne habitats known as Cradles. Although most of humanity now enjoys the relative safety of living in Earth's upper atmosphere, some remained behind. This group opposes humanity's mass migration, bringing the fight to The League or Ruling Companies as the resistance group known as ORCA."

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