Different View of Halo Teaser

Loot Ninja writes:

"My view from the teaser is that this may be a post apocalyptic view of the Flood being unleashed on humanity. You play as one of the citizens of Mombasa and try to stay alive in a city that is ravaged, with your only hope being the dropping pods. I would envision the game to be more like a survival horror game where you must survive and perhaps help the marines."

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taz80803583d ago

This could be released almost like a mod for Halo 3, where they use the engine but change hte game play. Make it a DLC mod like Hale Life. I would like to see something a bit different than just another FPS IMO.

fiercescuba3583d ago

I like where your head is; that would be an interesting game. Alas, that is way too much of a leap forward for Bungie.

I like what I said better.

drunkpandas3583d ago

I think your idea could be a very cool game. I have an even different theory on what might possibly occur...

What if this is a continuation on Halo 3? What if this is the world shown at the end of the Legendary Halo 3 ending and Master Chief is arriving? What if the debris is the ship with Master Chief and Cortana exploding during entry? There's a singular pod with a much different trajectory entering after the majority of pods arrive, indicating that whatever is in that pod or piece of debris has some significance.

That's my 2 cents.

ps360s3583d ago

well whatever this takes us...I be happy to put in Halo 3 again.

taz80803583d ago

I doubt MS and Bungie would just come out with a teaser that was so simple to explain as drop ship troopers. I hope.

drunkpandas3583d ago

Occam's razor - All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.

taz80803583d ago

It would be almost too straight forward. We need more mystery.

user80207863583d ago

seems like they are gearing up for something good though. cant wait to find out

taz80803583d ago

Just think it would be a lot more exciting for them to think outside the box and go away from conventional marines again.

A lot of people are not pleased with what they consider an anticlimactic trailer. I think it wil be cool but a survival game would be more interesting and unconventional.

*_*3583d ago

((shoot me an email when bungie release something worth my time ok baaaaaaai))

Shaka2K63583d ago

bungie died a long time ago.

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