Gamers is to battle sleep in a 72-hour charity challenge

I (Robin Ek, TGG) was just informed by Gamely Giving that Gamers is to taken on a 72-hour charity challenge in-order to rise £1,000 for people with disabilities.

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nX605d ago

Didn't someone die from that recently?

TGG_overlord605d ago

Die from Streaming a charity event? I don't recall that, but I do remember that someone died from playing too much Wow and Starcraft.

peewee11016604d ago

Yes someone did.. He was doing a 24hr for autism and died 22 hours in

TGG_overlord604d ago

And it's true:
""World of Tanks" gamer dies while attempting 24-hour stream for charity"

So I'm honestly not quite sure if I'm up for a 72-hour long Stream myself...

Simon_the_sorcerer604d ago

Like I said, "suicide mission"...And speaking of which, who has signed up for this 72-hour stream anyways?

Omnisonne604d ago

Being awake 24 hours is not exactly hard though.. so I wonder what else played part in that.

Now 72 hours, well just make sure you have someone monitoring you at all times (aside from you gaming buddies) should you take up the challenge.
Oh and, while caffeine might seem like a good idea first hand, it's seriously dangerous to rock energy drinks 3 days straight.

nX604d ago

Guess I've saved a life today lol

SegaGamer604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

To be honest, this is a rare case and lack of sleep probably wasn't the main reason why he died. There were probably other health issues he was unaware of and that is more than likely what killed him. He just happened to be taking part in a 24-hour stream for charity when one of his health issues caught up with him.

72 hours is a bit much though. You have to be really committed to try something like that. The toughest part will be keeping yourself motivated and active during that time. I haven't even managed 48 hours myself. I used to try and stay up for 24 hours every so often as a kid but it's so tiring. I haven't tried it again in a long time and have no plans to try again anytime soon. It's just not worth it.

If i was raising money for charity, i would try something else. Staying awake for 3 full days is asking a lot of your body. Mentally and physically it's draining.

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TGG_overlord604d ago

@peewee11016 "Yes someone did.. He was doing a 24hr for autism and died 22 hours in"

- Jesus Christ :S I have to look into that matter, because I've never heard of that case before.

Fishy Fingers604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

Good on them. If you can do something you enjoy and contribute to a worthwhile cause at the same time it's win win.

Author needs to bother proof reading.... "Gamers is to".

TGG_overlord604d ago

Exactly =) And I shall see what I could do myself.

604d ago
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