The Nintendo Switch Versus The PS4: A Japanese Sales Comparison

Kotaku writes: "It’s still early for the Switch. But let’s see how the new Nintendo hardware holds up against the PS4's first few weeks on sale in Japan."

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Moonman370d ago

Switch is doing awesome and it's easily going to be the #1 selling hardware in Japan this year.

Erik7357369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Cause it actually has good exclusives and portability. Only loved persona 5 and uncharted 4 as of now..

Kaneki-Ken369d ago

@Erik7357 This year is PlayStation 4 year because of how many exclusives is coming. PS4 and Switch is going to be fighting off but because PS4 have almost a new exclusives almost coming each month(especially Crash Bandicoot Trilogy, Uncharted 4: Chloe story, Spider-Man, Gran Turismo, God Of War 4, more), I can't see Switch surpassing hardware sales rather it be behind for a few units. Perhaps I may be wrong since portable is a big thing in Japan but for now, I can't see Switch be #1 until I see Other exclusive apart from Zelda, Mario Odyssey that actually sell as great as Zelda.

DashMad369d ago

@kaneki-Ken This is Japan tought, the power of squid will destroy anything in it's path. all exclusive you're mentioned other than GT have minimum impact there.

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Nu369d ago

Sony now gets a little exercise by getting a little competition.
Sony was getting fat without competition and was running the risk of becoming a couch potato... /s

XiNatsuDragnel369d ago

Switch is the best console in my opinion.

Razzer369d ago

I really like my Switch, but really hard to compare it to PS4. Very different animals. Compliment each other quite well, imo.

Neonridr369d ago

agreed. I do love the fact that my Switch goes wherever I go though.

Athos369d ago

The graphics whore in my loves my PC, but the person who just loves video games for fun prefers the Switch. My PS4's are great, but they are for exclusives only.

2pacalypsenow369d ago

So you automatically associate exclusives with boring games?

Athos369d ago

Not at all, just if want want pretty graphics that's where my PC's come in. Switch isn't about graphics, just simple fun for me. PS4 can be pretty, but I prefer higher frames, hence the PC as well.

Lime123369d ago

Switch will be a monster in Japan. I expect over 25 million sold when is all said and done.

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ABizzel1369d ago

I'd say 20 - 25 million. It really depends on how fast they're able to get the price down and get their slim / lite SKUs out.

Nu369d ago

If Scorpio manages to catch up to Switch it will confirm Switch was a flop.
Realisticly I expect Switch to sell 30 million vs Scorpio 10 million lifetime sales.

2pacalypsenow369d ago

Japan loves their portables.

Razzer369d ago

Yep. Japan is the only thing keeping Vita around all this time. Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Switch will do well there

EddieNX 369d ago

I think people are starting to see Switch for the excellent handheld hybrid that it is. Its Nintendos best since Gamecube

-Foxtrot369d ago (Edited 369d ago )


This thing has nothing on the Gamecube.

Sono421369d ago

It's a great portable... that is all. Still has horrible frame rates in dock mode no matter how much you and other Nintendo fanboys try to deny it. Not to mention since beating Zelda I have had absolutely zero reason to touch the thing. Also botw final boss was the easiest final boss in a zelda game to date, but now i'm getting off topic.. horrible framerates in dock mode make it a crap home console but a good portable device.

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