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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still a gorgeous game and the overhauled Battle mode is a great reason to pick it up.

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EddieNX 63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Mario Kart ftw, I've pre ordered for the battle mode, local multiplayer, online and I don't mind unlocking all the 150 and 200cc golds again ;)

The best racing game ever just got better. I'll have no problem getting hours out of it again especially because Battle mode is supposed to be bomb!

christocolus63d ago

I can't wait to play this and Zelda.

63d ago
UnSelf63d ago

Haven't played a MarioKart game since Double Dash. I can't imagine a kart game being more fun than that one.

It baffles me how they still haven't made a sequel to it. Two characters in one kart--it's brilliant

Uken1263d ago

lol you get down votes for being excited about great games.

MVGeneral63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Yeah best racing game for children, who like cartoon-arcade-racers, lol. This looks like it belongs on treehouse tv.

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AspiringProGenji63d ago

There's Racing Simulator, then Racing, then Wipeout, F Zero type of racing, then Kart Racing game.

Don't DDoS me for correcting op

Monster_Tard63d ago

Kart Racing is a sub-genre of racing, so "racing game" works.

Kun_ADR63d ago

So what is the difference? No matter what kind of racing game it is, you still in a control of a vehicle and try to win the race, is it not?

Somewhere deep down, n4g just died alittle based on these reviews.

MVGeneral63d ago

Children's racing game*
Children can't grasp the concept of over steering, understeering, apex and just any sort of life like physics. Simple games for simple minds, I suppose.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane63d ago

Everything is unlocked from the jump.

Prince-Ali63d ago

you mean the best kart racing game ever right..!? because even YOU cant be stupid/deluded enough to ACTUALLY mean racing game right!!!?

Im actually giving your deluded fanboy self the benefit of the doubt here.

corroios63d ago

Forget it . Tottaly blind gamers that need to say its the best ever over and over. When is just fun game that doesnt set the standard in no aspect. And a old game

TXIDarkAvenger63d ago

Mario Kart is a racing game...

Saying kart racing is just a sub-genre of racing. Sim racing games are still racing games.

EddieNX 63d ago

like everyone else is saying lol. i own both Forza 6 and mario kart is ten times more fun.

Uken1263d ago

Most people would have much more fun playing an arcade/kart racing game over a simulation racing game.
Mario Kart is a RACING game. You compete with other cars/karts/players to win a RACE.

The fact is that Arcade racers are much more fun than simulation and are easy to learn and pick up.
And by the way, there are many excellent racing games, Mario Kart 8 is one of them. There really isn't a "Best Racing Game Ever".

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Moonman63d ago

This game is seriously fun and hours can pass while you race online! I like the new additions like being able to change your cart and racer while still in the lobby. I will get the Deluxe version for sure!

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generic-user-name63d ago

Great to see so many new IPs on the Switch already.


Thunder_G0d_Bane63d ago

Yeah cause Knack was so amazing when the PS4 launched! Just one month in.......


Applejack63d ago

Although I agree that the ps4 launch line-up wasn't the best, Knack wasn't as bad as many people said it was. I must be the only one looking forward to 2...

akurtz63d ago

The same year TLoU came out and could've been a launch title. Unlike the abandoned wii u.

Prince-Ali63d ago

still a new ip in comparison to the 50th mario kart and the 3 millionth Mario related game loool...

I bet you didn't even play knack

Ron_Danger63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


I think you missed the word "new".

Mario Kart 8 on the Switch is a rerelease of Mario Kart 8 (the 8th for IP) for the WiiU. Knack was the first game in its series (read: first game in a new IP).

You need to learn the difference between a new game and a new IP.

Thunder_G0d_Bane63d ago

@Ron no son. Clearly you don't understand what I was saying. A new ip in the first month of a console launch doesn't mean anything great. Hence why I brought up knack.

A console needs time on the market to bring thriving new ip. Bloodborne didn't arrive til almost 2 years into the ps4s life. And as a new ip that's kinda stretching it as it's a reskin of demon souls sped up.

Kaneki-Ken63d ago

At least PS4 offer more game on launched date than Switch.

2pacalypsenow63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

At least Sony takes chances with new IP's unlike Nintendo using the same ones from the 80's, and Sony could of easily delayed The Last of Us and God of War 2 to release on new hardware but they care about their customers.

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The 10th Rider63d ago

1-2-Switch is a new IP (although crappy)

Snipperclips is a fantastic new IP that's a blast to play. I'd be shocked if it didn't get a sequel in a couple years. Arms hits in two months.

Kun_ADR63d ago

I want a gazillion new ips for the switch after its got released more than one month.

TheColbertinator63d ago

Blue shell when I'm in second place 🤗

Fishy Fingers63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Not many games that can be as enjoyable as MK.

I'll be encouraging my Switch owning friends to come over for a few drinks/races asap :D

Prince-Ali63d ago

where were you when this released on the Wii U...?

Fishy Fingers63d ago

Playing it on my mates Wii U.

I don't understand what you're getting at.

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