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GR writes: "It's a near-perfect package that offers something for all ages to enjoy, with lashings of content to keep players coming back again and again."

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moldybread120d ago

nintendo are one of the few who are able to redo a game and then get it to sell very well while still charging full price for

Neonridr120d ago

still totally worth it though. And a fair bit of enhancements to make it justifiable.

Can't wait.

BigTrain120d ago

Its only worth it for those who have not experienced it yet, otherwise it should half the price of a brand new game at best.

Neonridr120d ago

@BigTrain - pretty sure Sony did the same with TLOU and charged full price again. Was that ok though?

MVGeneral120d ago

Sony also released 3 games for the price of one. The Nathan drake collection.
And tlou released with the dlc's

NapalmSanctuary120d ago

"tlou released with the dlc's"
So does MK8 Deluxe.

Sono421119d ago

the only reason i'm getting this is to have a reason to pick up my switch again.. already own it on my Wii U. Although I am very concerned about how well this will run in docked mode.. Zelda still has terrible frame rate issues while docked so how will this fast paced racer hold up?

Neonridr119d ago

@Sono421 - Zelda patch improved many of the areas where there was slow down.

Digital Foundry did a work up on MK8 on the Switch. It runs at 1080p/60fps locked, so not sure what you are worried about performance wise.

Sono421119d ago

@ Neonridr

Tired of hearing this, the frame rate issues and full on freezes are NOT fixed for Breath of the Wild while docked. My system software is up to date and so is Breath of the WIld. Still experience many frame rate drops and full on freezes. Did their patch make them less frequent? Maybe but I can't tell. Anyone saying this is fixed with the patch doesn't even play the game, or is just flat out lying because they feel the need to defend Nintendo.

Neonridr119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

@Sono421 - don't know what to tell you my friend, but I do not experience crashes or freezes. Wish I could help you out with that, but that sounds like a problem more severe than just a game stuttering.

I come across an area here or there in the game where it may stutter or slow down for a second. But I definitely don't experience whatever it is you are having troubles with. And it certainly doesn't make the game any less fun or playable for me.

Then again my Switch didn't have the joy con issues, dock issues, cracking issues, bending issues, or whatever other problems people seem to be coming up with. So who knows.

BigTrain117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

You are correct Sony did do the same thing with the TLOU and I say the same thing to them too. "Its only worth it for those who have not experienced it yet, otherwise it should be half the price of a brand new game at best."

Utalkin2me117d ago (Edited 117d ago )


Again TLOU also doubled the framerate and increased resolution and not in just one particular instance. Also used some AA, and wasnt full price.

The switch version is still 60 fps and still is 720p in portable mode and didn't add an AA.

So while they are both not worth it unless you have never played them before. But its obvious more work went into TLOU.

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-Foxtrot120d ago

When Battle Mode should have been a free update to the previous game since you can tell it was obviously unfinished and slapped-dashed together. Sorry but it's true and if you want to defend that then it's clear denial

Most of this could have been another DLC pack or free updates.

Nintendo-or-Nothing120d ago


With you being a middle aged man you would think you would appreciate the greatest Mario Kart ever.

Mario Kart 8 is one of those games that was so good, that it was a shame that more didnt get to play it. Now we have a true system link console in 2017 and now we get one of the best multiplayer games ever.
I'm curious, why do you flock to Nintendo articles when you have no interest besides to bash it?

EddieNX 120d ago

The 1080p , battle mode and being able to play splitscreen and 8 player LAN make this a must own for anyone who is even remotely interested in Mario Kart.

Its the best Mario kart game ever and fully portable as well!

-Foxtrot120d ago

"With you being a middle aged man you..."

Started with a ass-like comment...not even going to bother

indyman77120d ago

Moldybread everyone makes remakes full price. Most of the time. To look at it correctly, Nintendo is one of the few companies that can remake a game and make it way better instead of screwing it up. That is what I take from it. They are not perfect (star fox). But they are good and making things better. So Way to make a positive into a negative.

Nintendo-or-Nothing120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@ foxtrot

Lol, Im only kidding. My first system was an Magnavox Odyssey if that gives you a clue how old I am. But us old timers will always be young at heart. But seriously, what system were you gaming on in the 80's? Nintendo to me is the last resemblance of the golden age of Gaming. I personally want Nintendo to thrive and keep family-oriented gaming alive.

moldybread120d ago

IndyMan, wasn't the Last of us remaster only$50? That was a nice upgrade too.

Dan_scruggs120d ago

All DLC could be free. But I live in the real world and so do you.

xPhearR3dx119d ago

Oh look, Foxtrot in yet ANOTHER Switch game article whining like you usually do. Honest to god question, do you actually ever play anything?

On topic. It's pretty simple. You either buy it and enjoy it, or don't. That's it. Life goes on. Support what you like, don't support what you don't like. Remember The Last of Us Remastered? Which could have easily been a digital only title and cost $20-30. Hell, they didn't even add anything. Just a resolution bump, option for 60 FPS with DLC and called it a day. Boom $60 bucks. Where was you complaining then? Oh you weren't, because I forgot Sony did it so it's amazing. You know, like you claim for Nintendo. They seem to get a free pass because everyone in the press is bias and thinks they're amazing right? You only apply logic when it works in your favor.

But you know what? I bought The Last of Us Remastered and I bought Mario Kart 8, both for full retail price. Because they're good games and the developers (In my opinion) deserve the extra cash from me and everyone else buying it twice.

119d ago
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Istolla120d ago

Many people haven't played this game so it will be new to them.

ninsigma120d ago

Many people didn't play Skyrim. Should they have paid full price for the remaster??

blawren4120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

ninsigma. Yes, it would be justifiable to pay full price for skyrim remaster, if it included dlc, update graphics, and new multiplayer mode, as does Mario Kart 8.

itBourne120d ago

Nintendo are also one of the few who gets significantly more praise simply for nostalgia sake..

Mario Kart is the epitome of give every kid a trophy... It is a shame Modnation Racers died, it was and is a much better cart racer.

Istolla120d ago

If it was much better, why did it die?

Highlife120d ago

Mod nation racers could have been good but loading times, lag terrible frame rate killed it. I like Mario kart but this should not be full price I have the wiiu version and this doesn't seem worth it. Also does any other game reuse it's maps more than Mario kart?

Erik7357120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Well there's nostalgia because Nintendo games were actually good I guess

Loadedklip120d ago

How much was Last of Us remastered when it launched? Honest question.

ShottyatLaw120d ago

It was going to be $60.00, but they lowered it to $50.00 before launch.

Erik7357120d ago

50 with no new added content

2pacalypsenow120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Some stores gave you discounts if you had the original game, I got mine for 19.99 with a PS3 version trade in

Septic119d ago

Lol nailed it