Hey Nintendo, Here are the 30 Games That Should Be in the SNES Mini

Austin Adamson writes, "The only thing crazier than Nintendo ceasing production of their constantly selling out NES Mini, is the thought that they wouldn’t be following it up with a SNES nostalgia machine. Assuming they stick with same number of games, here are my picks for the 30 games that should be included."

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superchiller395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Here's a better title for this article:

"Hey Nintendo, thanks for screwing over customers who just wanted an NES Classic Edition, by underproducing it and allowing scalpers to snatch most of them up, before regular people even had a chance to get one!"

I hope this company crashes and burns soon, due to their many bad products and poor decisions. Based on the weak 3rd party support for the Switch, and the almost complete lack of games for it, that's much more likely than not.

2pacalypsenow395d ago

Nintendo fans don't care as long as they get another Zelda and Mario game.

Tetsujin395d ago

I agree 100%. I hate the idea Nintendo stopped making the Mini without at least a legit reason. The idea of SNES Mini sounds good on paper, but at the end of the day I'll pass because:

A - Scalpers will have a field day with this one
B - Higher price than the NES Mini which won't be worth it
C - Games Nintendo wants you to have, not what the fan base asks for
D - No way to play cartridges, or add to your library without some sort of modification

RommyReigns394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

Especially C, the snes is one of my favourite consoles ever but atm I'm not considering the snes mini until I see what games are available on it.

kayoss394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

How is it Nintendos fault that people decided to buy a handful of Nintendos at Target and resell it for a higher price? Yes, Nintendo didn't make a lot but it's not their fault you didn't preorder. If you wanted one so bad you would have preorder or do some research to get one.

superchiller394d ago

Preorders were not widely available, and Nintendo has completely failed to supply enough product to deter scalpers from hoarding most of the units that hit retail. You better believe this is Nintendo's fault, and they're getting a lot of anger from fans like myself who just want one to play. Stop making excuses for Nintendo's poor decisions.

ShwaaMan395d ago

I would buy one of these in a heartbeat. Solid list though I'm a little surprised they didn't include Final Fantasy 3(aka 6), which is an absolute necessity right up there with Super Metroid.

shockwave4life395d ago

Yep those games pretty much sum it up

DillyDilly395d ago

So many amazing SNES games doubt Nintendo would do this justice

Smokingunz395d ago

Wow, that was a good list! I agree with it

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