Here is what a next-gen version of Half-Life 2 could have looked like back in 2005

Back in 2005, Electronic Arts’ artist Alistair McNally created a concept screenshot in order to showcase to both EA and Valve what Half-Life 2 could have looked liked as a next-gen title.

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368d ago
Bimkoblerutso367d ago

I'm done being angry...I just miss Half-Life now.

Patriot4Life367d ago

Been wanting this game forever but to be honest I think it's best that it never gets released.

I can see this being another Duke Nukem Forever.

AnotherProGamer367d ago

no way this would be another DNF

Valve are talented and know how to make a great game, 3D Realms were retarded for constantly switching game engines and had no focused vision and just kept trying to add pointless features in like drawing on a board with a marker. then Gearbox picked up the turd and said "hey lets shit this out even though we know its not good just to make a quick buck off the legacy"

Patriot4Life367d ago

Valve hasn't really done anything in along time...the ate note focus on Steam and don't really car about making games anymore.

The shooter market has grown since HL ep2 so Episode 3/would need to innovate a lot to be relevant.

Fist4achin367d ago

Never going to happen. Valve sucks in this regard and they dont care. To them it's about the equivalent of asking ford to release the model T again.