Rare Responds to Being Labeled Outdated, Reacts to Ensemble Studio Closure (Shacknews)

Shacknews: Yesterday I had a chance to speak with Rare creative director Gregg Mayles, a company veteran who served as lead designer on the original Donkey Kong Country.

I queried Mayles' for a reaction to Moore's comments, as well as whether he feels nervous following the shutdown of fellow Microsoft-owned developer Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires, Halo Wars).

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HighDefinition3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Why would you even respond to it, if you didn`t think it was somewhat true.

BTW, Viva Pinata is the best game they make. Which is funny to me, because the 360s known as the "hardcore" system.

Think about it, one of their only 1st party devs left doesn`t make good games the support the "real" 360 crowd. Sorry, but i find that funny/ironic.

Drekken3735d ago

Funny/Ironic or absolfreakinlutely ridiculous.

Of course I heard there are more "kids" with Xbox than Wii... So maybe they are making games for the majority of the user base.