From Zelda to Witcher 3: Why We're Still Talking About Skyrim

How Bethesda's 2011 masterpiece – and the colossal online culture of fan art, memes, and music surrounding it – forever changed the game for fantasy RPGs.

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chrisx310d ago

Don't get the hype behind skyrim really,I literally dozed off while playing this especially in loading times

That one guy 86310d ago

Game offers tons of variety in play style, massive areas to explore and plenty of interesting quest. I will admit, I bought the remastered version and then played a solid 70 hours, but have not returned since. I have a mounting backlog along with new release games. I plan to return in the future. Great game and couldn't recommend more.

chrisx310d ago

It was amazing at first then everything started feeling extra repetitive,I was hearing the same people as different characters in different locales. I put in about 30hrs but became bored after joining the thieves guild

nX310d ago

You can't praise Skyrim without mentioning mods. A fully modded version is almost the definition of a perfect game while vanille Skyrim is a joke in comparison.

InTheLab308d ago

Literally the worse of the series. The dumbing down of Bethesda games started with skyrim. The only thing that made it good was mods

Erik7357309d ago

Something about the immersion. I loved in bethesda games how you could pick up every little thing and such

Bigpappy308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Agreed. No one does open world at Bethesda's level. Witcher 3 for example is a good game, but feels like I am going to different areas to get quest with higher difficulty. TW3 and Ghost Recon have the same approach to open world. All about doing quest to clear areas, where as in Elder Scrolls, the world feels more alive and connected.

Another thing. I completely enjoyed Skyrim and never used a mod. I played it on 360.

308d ago
frostypants308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

The loading times are a symptom of how open the game is. It tracks literally EVERY freaking object you pick up or drop. Drop a lockpick in the corner of that random dungeon? It will still be there in 100 hours if you come back. Plus NPCs who travel all over. Plus buildings you can actually enter.

No RPG comes anywhere close to the level of freedom and detail in those Bethesda games. Witcher 3 has its merits, but on that front Skyrim stomps all over it (e.g. the vast majority of buildings in Witcher 3 are just there for decoration, and everything is "glued" down). I agree it comes up short in terms of engaging story and it can feel pointless at times. You kind of have to give yourself goals. Elder Scrolls has always been more about the player defining their experience.

Armaggedon308d ago

Its a behemoth of a game were you do whatever you want. In terms of freedom and diversity of play, skyrim is unparalleled.

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kalkano310d ago

While tons of people have copied the open-world, no one has truly managed to replicate the true sandbox of Skyrim. It's not just an OPEN world; it's a SIMULATED world, right down to knocking plates off of tables. Things like that may sound pretty irrelevant, but those are the things that make the world feel truly real.

_-EDMIX-_309d ago

Agreed. What they've done with an open world, we've yet to see done exactly the same way.

Something about being able to watch folks legit go to bed, close their stores, be able to steal from them etc.

We barely even have a close second to that concept besides Fallout. I mean, the fact that people are STILL talking about Skyrim today shows they did something pretty grand.

308d ago
frostypants308d ago

100% accurate statement. Downvotes without counter-points are invalid.


I agree! I do think The Witcher 3 is my favorite RPG of all time (probably since I have put 200 hours in it :P) but I always would pretend I could switch to 1st person or pick up everything in the world but then was reminded I couldn't :/ Skyrim is great, but Bethesda needs new animations devs and the engine needs an over haul but's that is my only complaints!

kalkano308d ago

Whenever I get around to playing Witcher 3, I'll be using a first-person mod. ;)

Gaming4Life1981308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Exactly skyrim lives on because the world is so vast but also lively. You talked about knocking plates off the table and the npc's do the same and it's shocking i still seen them doing things I've never seem them do. I have my skyrim modded into graphical showcase but everytime I get back on, I get hooked on the game all over again.

This was clearly in my top 3 or might even be my #1game of last gen. I first played on 360 and dropped like 200 hours, then built a pc and beat it like 7 more times since then.

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darren_poolies308d ago

Played around 20 hours of Skyrim and just lost interest, I found the story boring and the combat dull. The world was fun to explore for a while but everything just became so repetitive.

Honestly the combat was what put me off the most, I will never understand the hype behind Skyrim. Open world games have far surpassed it now imo.

frostypants308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Name one open world game that is as dynamic as Skyrim...where you can move objects as freely (and the game will remember it), where you can enter structures as consistently, where NPCs wander and will come find you at random, etc.

You can't because there isn't one. Can't pass a game by without at least matching it first.

InTheLab308d ago

The game launched broken and remains broken. Name one game where you can place a basket over a shopkeepers head and rob them blind

Allsystemgamer308d ago

If someone came into my house and knocked all my shit over I wouldn't leave it on the floor.

In a world full of bandits and thieves it sure is safe to just leave your treasure in the middle of the street.

darren_poolies306d ago

Well sorry but moving objects and having them stay in the same place isn't really what immerses me in a games world. A good story with interesting characters does, alongside a good combat system, and Skyrim didn't have any of that imo. The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption, GTA5 and Zelda: BotW are all better games.

Armaggedon308d ago

Nope, they havent. Elder scrolls combat always was pretty bland, but the sense of freedom and exploration is what Skyrim has that this far unparalleled.

HeisenbergX308d ago

Because it's an overrated piece of crap that's why we are still talking about it.

Armaggedon308d ago

No, the Witcher is overrated. I dont see people talking about how Skyrim is beyomd every other game quite like I see with the Witcher.

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