‘ReCore’ isn’t even finished, so why is it getting a “definitive” rerelease?

ReCore was one of the most disappointing games of 2016, so why are its developers taking a victory lap with a prestige re-release?

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nX484d ago

Because it's their last chance to make some $$$, it felt like this game was the best they could do and they failed.

GtR35olution483d ago

People should know that recore in 4k resolution will be amazing because 4k makes any game a lot better. Quantum break will be a lot better in 4k and deserves a higher metacritic score because it'll be in 4k on Scorpio. /s\

Scatpants483d ago

Right, all they can hype is 4K because they don't have any games. A sad mismanagement of the Scorpio launch unless we hear about some stuff that is actually exciting at E3.

Tech5483d ago

"Quantum break will be a lot better in 4k and deserves a higher metacritic score because it'll be in 4k on Scorpio."
You know you'd buy the Order 1886 if it was in 4k. people will buy whatever they want with their money.

mikeslemonade483d ago

Record was finished just unpolished you commoners.

NecoTehSergal483d ago

I don't get the downvotes, it's like people quickly hit the downvote tab before reaching the end and seeing /s

Then again, this is N4G, I don't expect much intelligence out of most of the community members, most are just idiots, trolls and fanboys who try to stay undercover as much as possible.

modelgod483d ago

I really hope your being sarcastic. I'll take Mass Effect 1 and 2 in S video, over Andromeda in 8k. Game play makes games better, not resolution. Hence Driver's Club and The Order, both beautiful games bUT early Sony garbage! !

Phill-Spencer483d ago


Ofcourse he is being sarcastic that's why he put an "s" at the end of his comment^^

UnHoly_One482d ago

So now, people are making jokes about a game having a higher resolution, implying it is meaningless?

But a couple years ago, you couldn't look at N4G without 7 of the top 10 stories being about _____ game having a higher resolution on PS4 than XB1, and all of these articles were filled with 240 comments of people saying you'd have to be a stupid idiot to buy the lower res version because it is CLEARLY going to be a lesser experience.

You people, I swear.... Ugh.

princejb134482d ago

How's does 4K make any game better when the gameplay is still dull
Gameplay > graphics

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Utalkin2me482d ago

You mean people with a objective opinion and sating some pretty good opinions. And the best you can do in rebuttal is to call people names and put a lol. Thats showing people that are making a coherent outtake on things.

TheEroica482d ago

Utalkin2me, you mean like the guy saying that as long as itsin 4k it'll be a better game? Sad seeing how misguided the younger gaming generation is. Like they don't crave good video games at all... Just visuals.

XanderZane482d ago

There will be a few of those, but anything Microsoft or XBox Games instantly brings out a slew of trolls on this site. Fact.
It's quite obviously that ReCore wasn't a completed game and rushed to market.

Utalkin2me481d ago

Again, neither one of you are adding to the discussion and trying to stir the pot. Ohhh the irony.

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TheGamez100483d ago (Edited 483d ago )

Comcept and Inafune have been really disappointing sadly. Only game I liked from them was soul sacrifice. Hope they'll be able to make a good game in the future though, fingers crossed for a soul sacrifce 2.

awdevoftw483d ago

I second you on that. Soul sacrifice delta is an extremely underrated game.

Blastoise483d ago

Truth! It's sad that Comcept are known for screwing up Mighty Number 9 more so than making Soul Sacrifice. I platinumed them both, great games

EatCrow483d ago

As are other games from them that do have a following.

SirBradders483d ago

Soul sacrifice e was my favourite game on vita.

Tacobell323483d ago

the vita is dead and no where in this article is mentioned about the platform...

GuruStarr78483d ago

Soul Sacrifice was one of those games that I spent a ton of time on, both solo and with friends and the community. That game hit the mark in so many ways, it begs the question of why they didn't continue that basis for their subsequent titles.

I enjoyed Recore for what it was, but yeah, it was somewhat disappointing.

No way I'll pay twice for something that basically fixes what should have been in the original release that many of us paid $40 US for.

SaveFerris483d ago

Does this mean there will be a 'Definitive Edition' of Quantum Break as well?

483d ago
starchild483d ago

Well, I really liked Quantum Break, but I don't tend to buy games more than once. Would be great for those who haven't got to experience the game yet.

EatCrow483d ago

That would be awesome. Love time travel. Gunplay was fun. Could've used a heck of a lot more of that and enemy variety. Would've loved to have fought the creatures that the journals talk about being around at the end of time. Forget what they're called.

Relientk77483d ago

Maybe it's the complete edition


DigitalRaptor482d ago (Edited 482d ago )

Some insider on NeoGaf said something to that effect:

annoyedgamer483d ago

Sell us the unfinished copy, then sell the finished copy. Brilliant.

zuul9018483d ago

Thats how they get you. Im kinda envious of their "stones" though. They have to know this is gonna get some negative feedback but I guess they said "screw it".

Moneys money.

Ninver483d ago

😂😂😂 i wouldn't be surprised if that was the idea all along.

XanderZane483d ago

I didn't buy the first edition and I'm not buying the Definitely Edition either. They game is still buggy and unfinished.

EatCrow483d ago

How do you know??? Right nvm. Someone else said so right?

nativegoku482d ago

What? It's not buggy and unfinished smh you people are really the worst.

XanderZane482d ago

@EatCrow, nativegoku
I read about it online. Maybe you guys should too.

Even Microsoft say the game is missing content, even though it's on the game box. Now go and eat your crow.