Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch costs £35

Eurogamer's Wesley writes: "Back in early March, Capcom revealed a $39.99 price for Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch. At the time I asked Capcom for a UK price, but the company couldn't say what it would cost on these shores as the price would be set by retail.

So, I've kept an eye on retail listings since then, and have noticed we've now got a UK price: £34.99. Now, £35 is going to set all sorts of alarm bells ringing. I get that. What a ridiculous price for a port of the Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 version of Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, which came out in 2008!

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MVGeneral365d ago

It was nice 20 years ago, and it was cheaper too.

Sono421365d ago

Let's call this what it really is... Capcom see's the lack of games on the Switch and they are taking advantage of it, they know people are desperate to play good games on their switch even if that means over paying for them. Really wouldn't surprise me if the game sold well.. I mean hell I know it's a rip off and i'm still tempted just because i'm looking for a reason to turn on my switch again.

RAM0N 367d ago

Why so much? Is it becouse of that motion control thing they're adding?

EddieNX 366d ago

brand new graphics and music. The new graphics are nice tbf, but game should be cheaper, maybe the cartridge adds a bit on

indyman77365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

What motion control thing? Are you talking about the Wii?

SWITCH has a pro- controller.

Joy con controller (standard controller).

And a touch screen.

FinalomegaS366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

i dont recall the hd remix having: dramatic battle, switch between sprites,2 OP characters,new online setup and that odd 1st person view mode....

please stop referring to this as a Port. this is not a Port.

a port would like : World Heroes Perfect and all those other Neo Geo games selling at 10$ (they don't even have a practice mode)

PapaBop366d ago

so dramatic battle, switch the sprites, 2 new characters and online... all for the low low price of £35! To put that into perspective, Horizon (possibly a goty contender) cost me £42.

RommyReigns366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I got the Amazon exclusive steelbook version of Horizon for £42, could have got the game itself for £35 from places like simplygames, smyths and thegamecollection but am happy anyways because the game is awesome.

Shopto a few days later were selling Horizon with the Aloy Sackgirl keyring and preorder bonuses for £40, which I sort of regret not getting and then selling the spare copy of the game.

Liqu1d366d ago

I got the steelbook edition for £31.

Ol_G366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Horizon is no streetfighter that's a ridiculous comparison, people who love fighting games will buy it.
I'm still busy with persona 5 (3th palace boss) zelda (gerudo town) and nier(still 2b chapter) i don 't really like fighting games cause you need a second player to fully enjoy these games.
But that doesn't mean these games have less value, if you like the genre it's worth the cost like any other game

366d ago
Doge366d ago

Still doesn't excuse Capcom to sell it for $40. Should've been priced at $25.

Ol_G366d ago

Yeah no they can price it how they want, you're not forced to buy it

BVFTW366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

You can switch sprites in the hd remix, it had an advanced online setup, remixed music, new announcer, 8 player tournaments, revised endings and more, just for 15$ at release, The whole freaking game! Now they just add 2 characters (that are modified characters) and "some" new stuff for 25$ more? Let me remind you, again, they did the whole freaking game, almost from the ground up, for 15$. No sale, this is a 5$ expansion at best.

souljah45366d ago

The sprites can be switched in SSF2 HDR aswell as online

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LoveSpuds366d ago

It is so apparent that Nintendo just seek to gouge there fan based, whether it's on peripherals or software, they really do shaft gamers. You better believe MS or Sony would be criticised for these kinds of pricing practices, why should Nintendo get away with it?

XbladeTeddy366d ago

It's a Capcom game, not Nintendo.

366d ago
Ol_G366d ago

Because it's not Nintendo but Capcom, can 't believe people are agreeing with you only for badmouthing Nintendo but i shouldn't be suprised

indyman77365d ago

His point is would you want people to bad mouth Sony or Microsoft because EA price gouged.

Realplaya366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Nintendo doesn't set the price for cap on. quite reaching for reasons to bash the company and do some research.

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