ESA proves Microsoft on correct path as physical game sales decline and gamers want best graphics.

Over the past 5 or so years, the gaming industry has changed dramatically, and while some factors remain the same like the types of games customers buy, there has been a substantial push towards digital purchases.

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Silly gameAr401d ago

Here we go with the hype pieces.

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JasonKCK401d ago

"The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) put out a report today which highlights the changes that took place over the past year in the United States and compares them to historical trends." http://essentialfacts.thees...

NewMonday400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

"gamers want best graphics"

gamers want games

DarthZoolu400d ago

They want both! Games and graphics.

DARK_WOLF400d ago

Yeh and xbox has loads of games.

If you think otherwise ur a muppet.

Septic400d ago

Yeah because you would rather read doom and gloom articles instead right?

Eiyuuou400d ago

Ofc! Who doesn't enjoy some comedy?

Patriot4Life400d ago

The day that the price for digital games drops by say $15...that's the day digital will win.

Not sure why companies are still charging the same price as physical games when clearly the process for digital is much cheaper .

ShaunCameron400d ago

Bandwidth costs, server costs and (gasp) people who are willing to pay whatever they're charging.

_-EDMIX-_400d ago

Agreed this crap needs to stop what's so funny is even if there is a push for digital by some specific consumers exactly why does that also mean there is a push to try to get rid of physical? It's just the dumbest thing I've ever heard of basically people are begging for Less options? Lol

TheKingKratos400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

I wonder what kind of crappy gamer i am since i always buy discs and only cares about games ?

Aceman18400d ago

Only big budget games i have that's digital is mafia 3 and destiny, everything else is physical except what little indie games i have. Personally i love having physical copies for my collection.

cha0sknightmare400d ago

I think its safe to say gamers want the best games and graphics for their buck.

rainslacker400d ago

And they combine subs, DLC, MT, OC(steam/GOG), etc into digital sales to bolster the numbers that digital is somehow overtaking physical. While the ESA is reporting on gross revenue, you know people will use this as 100% proof that physical is basically dead because they don't take the time to look at how the numbers are derived.

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DeadSilence401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

Microsoft has been on the right path but for different reasons, one is listening to Xbox fans and delivering great content like BC and good Live deals, also One S is a formidable console, they are lacking exclusives and hopefully they can get back on track.

Graphics don't sell Consoles or games, if they did nobody would play Counter Strike, League of Legends or Dota and guess what? Hundreds of millions do.

Also Wii sold insanely well without graphics.

Legion21401d ago

I would not call the live deals good. Most of the big name AAA games on sale could be found physically at lower prices. I think this is what really holds digital back. Use Doom for example, I have seen the physical game go on sale for $20 and $30. In this last spring sale on Xbox the game was $40. I'll take the $20 physical game over the more expensive digital game every time.

jznrpg401d ago

If you say they are on the right path but need to get back on track doesnt that make it sound like they went down the wrong road .

Psychotica400d ago

Graphics certainly sell games and consoles else nobody would have care about Consoles with 4K and PC gamers wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on new video cards.

Bigpappy400d ago

Logical explanation. I am sure they can all agree with you if they pull their heads out of the sand. But they seem​contented in that position. Guess you should wait until after E3 to see if they feel safe enough to bring those heads up.

TheKingKratos400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

If consoles that do 4k is that important to gamers then why ps4 slim outsell pro by large amount and the vast ps4 userbase isn't upgrading to pro ?

I think the reason for this is ps4 gamers are getting the same graphics setting as the pro but at 1080p instead of upscaleing to/checkerborad 4k so no feel losing anything or left behind or forced to upgrade and Sony give me game after game after game is what i care about most

Psychotica400d ago

Because most people dont have 4k televisions, I am sure there is a price consideration as well

XiNatsuDragnel401d ago

Sigh Digital will never replaced Physical

Thatguy-310401d ago

Exactly. That article that popped up included smartphone apps and mobile games which make up a lot of the percentage. As far as console gaming goes digital is in no way close to eclipsing physical

rainslacker400d ago

i don't know why it's so hard to simply report what actual game sales are on consoles to actually have an accurate number. All these kinds of reports do is make people who want physical to die have some kind of ammo to act like most game sales are digital, when for any given game, the digital sales are in the 15-25% range, with certain kinds of games having higher digital percentages than others.

kalkano401d ago

It can, but only when they stop trying to control the property of their consumers. There has to be some breakthrough, where they can limit piracy, but still allow full ownership. Then, and only then, will digital replace physical.

Liqu1d401d ago

Eventually it will, but we're still many years from that on console.

EatCrow401d ago

Of course not.
We would literally need to move to a non material world.

But digital will continue to grow. Like it has been for a long time now. With certain games they make up up to 30% of the sales. Sometimes sony releases digital and retail sales combined. Take that number and subtract the number from vgchartz which counts only retail and you get a good estimate of how many digital have sold. In some games its been pretty high.

With some games digital is also more accessible. How many times I've looked for a game in store and couldnt find it! Especially JRPG's.

jznrpg401d ago

I buy jrpgs asap especially the more niche ones because once the initial release is gone some games are hard to find, but most games you can find at a decent price.

Scatpants401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I mainly buy digital. I like having all my games in one place also I can game share with a friend of mine so I don't have to buy all the games. Sure, I can't resell them, but I don't really care about that. The only time I buy physical is when I see a really good sale for a fairly recent game. Ordered Wildlands yesterday from Amazon for example.

SirJoJo400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

😂 are you serious? It 100% most definitely will! You see a blockbuster anywhere? How many CD, record or cassette tape stores can you find on your high street or in your closest shopping mall?
Now, will physical purchasing of digital entertainment go away entirely?... no, probably not but you can be damn sure it will continue to be replaced by digital purchasing and video games are no exception. Give it till next gen and I guarantee that you will be travelling to Timbuktu and back to get a physical copy of your favourite game. They will still have physical cases on shelves for the collectors im sure but there won't be no disk in there when you open it, it will just be a card with a digital download code on it. In the world of consumerism, convenience will always take presidence over physical effort. Just a simple fact of life.

kalkano400d ago

There's a BIG difference with music. No DRM. I've gone all digital with my music, because I can do whatever the hell I want with it. I've got backup copies, and there's no limit to how many devices I can play it on.

If gaming is ever going to go all digital, it's going to have to have the same abilities.

JackTheLiz400d ago


First off, Blockbuster business was RENTING media, not usually selling it. That's a huge difference.

Second, digital media is essentially valueless. You can't re-sell it, so you're essentially throwing money to something that is incapable of holding value. Physical items hold value, digital items don't.

Nodoze400d ago

Actually record stores are still around, and are becoming more prevalent. Vinyl sales grew 54% last year alone. So yes there is ALWAYS a desire for physical media to whom it matters.

JasonKCK400d ago

There are more digital gaming platforms than physical.

Liqu1d400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Pretty sure there isn't.

Legion21400d ago

We've seen it in other media such as music and movies. We have also seen it within the game industry with PC games. I think it's only a matter of time

Yohshida400d ago

Guess you haven't played on PC yet. Physical is less than 1% of PC sales.

OB1Biker400d ago

I hope physical will always be an option. However that's not THEIR interest and they keep pushing for digital only. I m not feeling optimistic for the future.

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PhoenixUp401d ago

Trying to screw over the used game market can never be considered the correct path. What part of this basic concept is so difficult to understand?

Yohshida400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

Steam started that and won the war against physical. Yes, you can still buy a PC game with 6 DVDs in it, just to use your code and make it useless. ITs just a matter of time.

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Bigpappy401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I bought 1 physical copy this gen. I started digital last gen. I am not pushing for the demise of physical, but Digital will win eventually. It is just way more cost effective and faster from a business perspective.

UCForce401d ago

There will be no balance if industry pushed way too much on digital.

SideNote401d ago

And the end of game stores. That will truly be a sad day.

EatCrow401d ago


What games store?

morganfell400d ago


It would appear the same people that want MS to be stronger because they think competition is good for the consumer - which actually is not always true - apparently believe it will be better if hardware manufacturers have no competition for game sales.

SideNote401d ago

I went all digital for xbox360 and xbox one. I regretted doing so when I traded my one in for a ps4, it's lost money with nothing to trade with. Now I am buying all physical games on ps4, and am actually playing them through too. There will always be the download only game which I'll have to get though..

green401d ago

I am 100% digital with xbox one this gen

Whatever234401d ago

Its people like u who will forever change the gaming industry and make the big 3 so happy.Companies love clueless customers.

green400d ago

@Whatever234. And it is people like you that I cant stand. People that feel they have the right to tell people how to spend their money. Who on earth are you to tell me how and on what I should spend my hard earned money on?

Spenok401d ago

Cost effective? I can get a physical copy of a game cheaper than a digital one 9.5 times out a ten. Up to and including on day 1!

399d ago
Scatpants401d ago

I like to be able to play the games right at midnight without going anywhere. Can't do that with physical.

akurtz400d ago

you can actually get your physical copies at 9pm at most places.

Scatpants400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

It ranges between 11 and 2 in the morning depending what time zone it releases in in central time zone anyway.

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