Star Wars Battlefront Was One of the Best-Selling Games of Both 2015 and 2016

Lightgun Galaxy: "Many fans saw EA’s Star Wars Battlefront (2015) as a massive flop that launched to disappointing sales figures. While this idea gained a lot of traction in a certain segment of the gaming community, it was never true."

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Derceto367d ago

So glad to be stuck going along for the ride as the "s**t for brains" masses keep throwing money at garbage like this.

XStation4pio_Pro367d ago

So when the masses buy more PS4s, they know what's best, but when they buy a game you don't like they are "sh$t for brains". Pretty much sums up the internet right there. Irony.

krypt1983367d ago

Playstation sold well because it was cheap and more powerful that's it

_-EDMIX-_367d ago


@Kry- "That's it" Nope.

So if PS4 had literally zero games, but was cheap and powerful, it would be moving HUGE units for people to simply look at it?

Why do people buy consoles bud? What is the main reason? Because its cheap? They buy it cause its a low price but never use it or? If you know WHY someone buys a console for, then you also know how your statement is 100% incorrect.

T2X367d ago

How about this? You don't buy it and people who like it will. See? How nice and easy that is. Or are you some hipster, neckbeard dufus, that thinks you're cool by not following the "Sheeple"? At this point, everyone knows exactly what to expect. And if you don't, shame on you.

boomtube1987367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

COD still raped every other games and the haters keep saying COD is dead or dying the last 8 years. If i got a penny for everytime, every year people keep saying this....i would be a billian air by now. Yet, still sells TOO MUCH. COD will be best selling game ever year guaranteed, except the year a new GTA game releases of course. Only GTA can topple COD.

Addition to this. Shooters and sports game dominate consoles sales. Very happy with this. Don't like it then don't buy or play on Consoles. Proud to be a console gamer.


CorndogBurglar367d ago

What ride are you stuck on, exactly?

If you don't like it you don't have to pay any attention to it.

_-EDMIX-_367d ago

? Why do you folks keep attacking consumers for having different views?

Buddy, if you don't like the game, that is fine. Nothing is wrong with not liking it, nothing is wrong for liking it.

It just is.

Relax bud, its really not that serious.

Kurdishcurse366d ago

Ahhh the gullible apologists. Cute...

367d ago
Kurdishcurse366d ago

Agreed. Ignore the apologists that cant handle the fact that they are gullible enough to buy from EA. Keep supporting one of the cancers of the industry, that helped with the rise of microtransactions. Ill just smile knowing im smart enough to vote with my wallet. Microtransactions are only one small aspect of the giant f**k up that is EA.

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Ron_Danger367d ago

I got it for "free" a few months ago. Got a $10 psn code so I bought it when it was $9.99 in a flash sale strictly for the VR mission. I haven't touched the regular game 😂

Majin-vegeta367d ago

I bought it on sale at GS with all the DLC for $40 then a week later it was dropped till $20 I returned mine unopened and again for $20 lol

SolidGear3367d ago

That's sticking it to the man! XD

367d ago
Doopy367d ago

Can't wait to play this on xbox scorpio at 4k/60fps and 4k textures.

Artemidorus367d ago

Not confirmed yet so wait until someone says something.

corroios367d ago

Wrong game, this isnt a racing game

ninsigma367d ago

4k textures?? Where are you getting that rubbish from??

XMarkstheSpot367d ago

Hoping they update BF1 with 4K textures as well

krypt1983367d ago

Confirmed aswell as rdr2 codww2 bf2 destiny 2 cant wait for the meltdown, sony is trying to strike deals to gimp scropio versions it's pathetic

Ron_Danger367d ago

Cry more about it... oh wait, you already did further down in these comments.

367d ago
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XStation4pio_Pro367d ago

I felt the game itself is fun but overpriced. If they had included the initial expansion available at launch in the base game price or included a campaign I would have been happier... or sold the base game for $30ish.

Artemidorus367d ago

Got myself the game over half price, very fun but limited, refused to buy the season pass too.

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