Resistance 2 - New screenshots

Insomniac Games published three new Resistance 2 screenshots. Check them out.

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Paiton3466d ago

in game.

Its just funny watching xbots in disbelief.

Its good to be a PS3 owner. It sucks to be an xbot.

Blademask3466d ago

The one in the preview image for the story.

The rest are all phenomenal.

LikAChicken3466d ago

R2, LBP, Fallout 3 preorder ed!
My PS3 is so happy!
Now I will be content this vacation.

~I am a gamer...who is happy:)~

blakstarz3466d ago

The first shot did look like it was concept art, but after looking closer that is a screenshot...and the other looked awesome as well