[email protected] Is The Easiest & Most Helpful Submission Process of All Platforms, Says Tequila Works

The Spanish folks at Tequila Works (Deadlight, The Sexy Brutale, Rime) have nothing but praise for [email protected] and its submission process, rating it above PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4.

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Imp0ssibl3235d ago

Good to know they took that feedback to heart. I love indie games, so more the merrier.

KaiPow235d ago

Same here, although I'll always cherish the Vita for being my portable indie powerhouse.

235d ago
Frisky235d ago

I agree. Microsoft is definitely doing indie games better than Sony.

travestyj235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

There's literally hundreds of more indies on PS4. Sony has done much more by miles this gen than Microsoft has for indie developers.

Sony also has an indie pub fund where they help partially fund tons of indies every year.

freshslicepizza235d ago

with a catch, they have to sign a deal to make the game exclusive or timed exclusive. [email protected] has made the process very easy since each xbox one is a developer kit so it is very cheap for them. to compare it costs them $2500 for a ps4 development kit.

travestyj235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Yes and that money helps the indie developers make better games, timed exclusivity isn't much to ask for. They also promote many more indies and fund many more indies than Microsoft who don't do much of anything.

Sony also gives out tons of dev kits. They even paid for all the indie devs booths at PAX one year. There's a reason why there are hundreds more on PS4, not just a couple dozen, hundreds. To say Microsoft is doing it better is just nonsense.

HaikusfromBuddha235d ago

I don't know about that. Microsoft has allowed regular Xbox consoles to be dev kits. They recently announced a new program that will allow anyone to just add games to the store without any approval.

travestyj235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

After over 3 years of Sony getting more and more indies every single week Microsoft had to finally do something. They have a ton of catching up to do to be anywhere close to the support Sony has provided for indie devs. Recent policy changes doesn't suddenly erase years of what Sony has done and even till this day more indies are releasing on PS4. Let me know when that changes.

Kiwi66235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

And last gen didn't MS do more for indies than Sony did, so who really cares who does what as long as the games get made for people to play

travestyj235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

I'm not the one the one blatantyl lying about Microsoft doing more for indies this gen. Yeah they definitely did better last gen but this gen Sony has been by far the most supportive. Xbox fanboys trying discredit everything Sony has done for indie developers this gen is nonsense. Of course you're defending your fellow Xbox fanboys though. Worst fanbase in gaming.

andrewsquall235d ago

No no, you are wrong because Xbone is the best for indies because it just is............. so there.

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danoman64235d ago

Yet some how indie devs like working more with Sony than MS, and even more so with steam. The number of indie games on PS4 outnumber those on Xbox by a country mile, hell even Xbox fans call PS4 the indie station.

Bathyj235d ago

Well they seem to be doing a better job now but lets not go nuts. It wasnt so long ago MS (and its fans) didnt give a damn about indies. MS only started being interested because of the support Sony was giving them. Then they slowly started realizing smaller games had their place and could unearth real gems. Giving away dev kits and waving fees is just them catching up from a slow start. Thats good for Indies so Im happy about it. But given the strange, troubled history of Rime's development and all that has happened there we shouldnt read too much into their opinion about Sony. Its comes off a bit like an ex bad mouthing someone.

TankCrossing235d ago

[email protected] was announced in August 2013, following on from Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Live Indie Corner on the 360. I don't even remember Sony having an Indie initiative on the PS3, yet you reckon Microsoft were disinterested until Sony came along? How do you figure that?

gangsta_red235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

MS didn't give a damn about indies?

Pretty sure MS gave indies a whole community on 360 called XNA where they controlled content and were provided the tools to make whatever they wanted.

Sony jumped on the train with the lame PR slogan of '<3 indies' when the ps4 came out and they pushed this only because most of their triple A titles were delayed. That's pretty much when their fans took noticed of indies and made it a cool word to use.

Also, what strange and troubled history has Rime had? Too funny, you buy back your rights from Sony and all of a sudden people on the internet are writing episodes of Stranger Things about your development.

AngelicIceDiamond234d ago

"It wasnt so long ago MS (and its fans) didnt give a damn about indies." MS had an indie program last gen resulting in fantastic indie games especially around summer arcade every year allot of outlets and fans actually loved the indie support and the kind of sells it was doing. MS had indie program for a while but stumbled with ID Xbox for whatever reason. I do agree I think they did looked at Sony and looked how they were easy with the devs with no hurdles. Forcing MS to go back to being more open and friendly again.

I also agree Xbox fanboys did call the PS indiestation because of all the indie support hypocritical because of all the huge indie support on 360.

King_Lothric235d ago

I don't know in what planet you live but here on Earth, that's not true and there is evidence and facts to support that everywhere.

LackTrue4K235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

They have less then what the PS4 has in indie games. Don't bull5hit.


@moldybread, so are we talking about deals or having indie games @ the store then?????

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-Foxtrot235d ago

Kind of feel they are bitter after Sony dropped Rime so it's something I would take with a pinch of salt.

naruga235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

my first thoughts exactly... i would even say that they r not bitter but more shady as they tried to exploit things (Sony exclusivity) ala Peter Molyneaux -way ...just a lame demo and behind it no game at all ....

gangsta_red235d ago

Would be great if you guys would provide proof that sony dropped them or that these guys were doing something "shady".

"...just a lame demo and behind it no game at all .."

Even tho there's footage out now and the game looks good eh?

TankCrossing235d ago

I reckon he is trying to buy Chris Charla's second hand running shoes, and thinks that speaking up for [email protected] publicly might win some favour and strengthen his position in bartering for a good price.

I might be wrong, but either way I think we can agree that there must be some ulterior motive whenever someone says anything positive about Microsoft.

Patriot4Life235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Did you even read the article or just the headline?

He explains why its much better and easier.

TheCommentator235d ago

Shh, keep it down! There's people trying to downplay the Xbox in here!!!

EatCrow235d ago

If you think the people who comment regularly actually read the articles youd be sorely mistaken.
Their comments are simply responds to headlines. That is all.

EatCrow235d ago

Pinch of salt usually makes it better.

donthate235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Well, MS did pass on Rime so they should have a beef with MS too. Turns out, Tequila Works instead speaks positive about MS and praises them. I'd say that carries a lot of weight if anything.

andrewsquall235d ago

Wait isn't this the same team with a leader that "cries himself to sleep" lol??? Yeah PINCH of salt for him and a truckload of salt for Xboners trying to say double the indies on PS4 means nothing, not forgetting that these 2 consoles launched at the same time this gen so the gap is even more significant.

Septic235d ago

The sodium levels are too high!

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Ghost_of_Tsushima235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

"[email protected] Is The Easiest & Most Helpful Submission Process of All Platforms, Says Tequila Works"

Didn't Microsoft turn down Rime before Sony picked it up? Then Sony dropped Rime and now you say [email protected] is the easiest and most helpful of all platforms? Lol

Alexious235d ago

That was ages ago, though.

KwietStorm235d ago

History didn't happen because it was a long time ago. You read it right here folks.

KillBill235d ago

@KwietStorm - no, it is that Xbox has since changed their practices since that time. You seem to imagine that since History happened that things can't change.

LexHazard79235d ago

Lol...ok but [email protected] they get to self publish. So it has nothing to do with Sony dropping them and them being bitter.
Nothing to do with MS pass up Rime.

More with the program and how easy and helpful MS is in the process.

donthate235d ago

The fact that Rime devs then came back after being denied and speaks positive about MS shows the sincerity of the statement.

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